Care in the carpark.

Love and trust, Jean Kittson on caring for her parents in a challenging time.

Jean Kittson’s latest role is caring for her parents in the challenging, frustrating time of COVID-19. My interview with Jean appears in this week’s editions of Mosman Daily, North Shore Times and The Daily Telegraph. Like so many of us today, Jean – well-known Australian commentator, actor, and comedian – … Read more

Covid death and the nursing home – the report is tabled.

Covid death and the nursing home - the report is tabled

The “Aged Care and Covid-19 – a special report”, prepared by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety makes fascinating reading.  Released on September 30, it highlights the human cost imposed when elderly people are separated from their loved ones in the name of disease control and the … Read more

What has grief taught Jessica Rowe?

Margaret Rice asks - What has grief taught Jessica Rowe?

What has grief taught you? “I’m like so many people in our culture, so I don’t do grief well. Very few of us do grief well. We don’t talk about it enough, we shy away from it, we’re frightened of it.” “It’s good to remember that grief can cover all … Read more

John Brogden shares chicken soup with Simon Marnie.

John Brogden, Chair of Lifeline.

We have settled into the rhythm of Covid-19 – we have dealt with the massive death toll, watched the social destruction it has caused, particularly in the USA, seen the cracks it causes to social cohesion in other places and we now brace ourselves for the real economic fallout, now … Read more

The Swedish model again.

Dr Raina MacIntyre, Kirby Institute, UNSW.

Hmmm, the Swedish model again. A fascinating report by Lisa Millar on this week’s ABC Foreign Correspondent, talked about the Swedish model for managing Covid-19. Her report looked at the latest phase of its evolution. Sweden has taken a liberal attitude to social restrictions because of Covid-19. To see Lisa’s … Read more

Burials Without Hugs – Our 2020 Moment

The Covid-19 crisis had its biggest consequences for these two most important rituals, the wedding and the funeral. “During the service I never pose people or use flash photography. Discrete candid photography allows me to capture the sombre mode of family embracing, children deep in thought, and friends crofting the … Read more

You can check out any time you like but …

We’re linking you through to a report from California

We’re linking you through to a news report from California which reveals frustration and anger over the way nursing homes were managed there through the Covid-19 crisis. In its June 28 report “As Coronavirus raged through nursing homes, inspectors found nothing wrong”, The Los Angeles Times claims the main problem … Read more

Four Corners looks at Newmarch House.

Nicole Fahey in the ABC's Four Corners.

For those who’ve followed Sydney’s Newmarch House Covid-19 infections, last night’s ABC Four Corners made for compelling viewing. At Newmarch House over a period of 39 days, 34 staff and 37 residents became infected with Covid 19. There were 19 deaths of residents. When we researched Newmarch House intensively for … Read more

World figures show wide range in Covid-19 nursing home deaths.

Earlier this month, the NSW Coroner’s Court announced it will investigate the deadly outbreak of Covid-19 at Newmarch House aged care facility in Sydney’s outer western suburbs, where 19 residents died from the virus. This is good to hear. We’ll have an objective analysis, with scrupulous attention to detail, a … Read more

Work and end-of-life care – online for post-Covid times

Work has gone online – even, surprisingly, in the healthcare space. We’ve discovered more about what’s effective and what isn’t as lawyers, school teachers and sales people have developed new online practices. However, at times this can feel like two steps forward, one step back. Some Sydney lawyers report that … Read more

Where will Covid-19 take us next?

This is a review of where we are now, the gains and losses in managing the threat of death from Covid-19. What has changed, what has gone backwards, what has improved? Not all the threats to life will come from the virus itself, a space that health professionals are now … Read more

America hits 100,000.

A snapshot of Worldometer's USA Covid-19 stats.

The USA has just passed a sombre milestone – 100,000 deaths from Covid-19. So what does this outcome show us about the intersection between health and politics? In a reflection which is echoed in reportage and analysis by many from all over America, CNN’s Stephen Collinson says: “A Columbia University … Read more

What has grief taught Susan Marcuccio?

Susan Marcuccio, Chaplaincy Australia

Often people come to professional grief work in response to the death of someone they love. But in a strange and horrible reversal of that, Susan Marcuccio’s experience has been the reverse. After establishing a reputation for her work in chaplaincy, Susan had to confront the death of her son. … Read more

Our grief responses are okay – even the little ones.

The OK's of Covid-19, by the Healing Patch,

Today “The OKs of Covid-19: validating our responses to the pandemic”, which comes from the Home Nursing Agency, Pennsylvania, USA. We’re re-sharing this post from Deb Rawling’s Linked-In page. Thank you Deb. Deb is a Senior Lecturer in Palliative Care, Flinders University, South Australia. This simple guide has 10 great … Read more

To live or not to live – Covid-19 and the elderly

As Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced an ‘early mark’ for Australians on social distancing restrictions from Saturday 2 May, 2020, because of our success in controlling Covid-19, the spotlight stays on the continuing sources of outbreaks – including aged care facilities. Scrutiny will ensure we don’t have a sudden … Read more