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A Good Death Book By Maragret Rice 2019

A Good Death: a compassionate and practical guide to prepare for the end of life.

By Margaret Rice

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Aged Care deaths from Covid-19, and criticism of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s handling of these in 2020

Advance care planning and dementia patients.

As Coronavirus raged through nursing homes, inspectors found nothing wrong

Capsula mundi is a biodegradable burial pod:

Compassion – projecting this through barriers imposed by diseases such as Covid-19

Covid-19 ARDS: clinical features and differences to “usual” pre-Covid ARDS, Medical Journal of Australia, 24 April, 2020.

Covid-19 Asymptomatic disease

Covid-19 and cardiovascular disease

Covid-19 and neglect of other life-threatening circumstances.

Covid-19 and compromises to safe airways management

Covid-19 not caught from dead bodies

Covid-19 and funeral changes

Covid-19 lung damage

Covid-19 and numbers needing hospitalisation – a global literature survey,%25)%20die%20(Table%201

COVID-19 pneumonia: different respiratory treatments for different phenotypes? By the American Thoracic Society

Covid-19: They didn’t all have to die, a moment of reflection as US Covid deaths reach 100,000. Analysis by Stephen Collinson CNN.

Coronavirus widens healthcare divide between USA’s red and blue states.

Covid-19 changes the way we care for the dead.

Covid-19 Telemedicine and changes in the doctor-patient relationship.

Covid- 19 This is the bleak heart of the world’s deadliest pandemic.

Death Doulas - What role do Death Doulas play in end‐of‐life care? A systematic review.

Death Doulas - The Voices of Death Doulas About Their Role in End-Of-Life Care,

Death doulas help 'take the fear away' when loved ones die

Endless life on a ventilator – when ventilation goes too far

How to plan for a good death, following the example of good birth advocate Sheila Kitzinger

Elder abuse examined. Elder Abuse: Understanding Issues, Frameworks and Responses 2016 report.

Elder abuse and Covid-19

Five Invitations: Discovering what death can teach us about living fully, by Buddhist teacher Frank Ostaseski

Inseparable Until the End

Loneliness can lead to an early death

Loneliness can lead to an early death

Meals times – an end of life human rights approach:

Music Therapy in palliative care: current perspectives

Pharmacists in palliative care

Pressure sores – Coroner’s report into Sylvia Confos death, caused by neglect of pressure sores.

Pressure sores - Pressure point prevalence survey report

Paint or decorate your coffin

Remembering Australia’s polio scourge

Suicide and self-harm monitoring, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report

The reality of CPR for seniors – get the facts

You only die once – we need to get it right


A matter life and death
by Rosalind Bradley - Jessica Kingsley publishers

Beyond the Mirror: Reflections on Death and Life
by Henri Nouwen publishers

Matters of Life and Death – Key Writings
by Iona Heath

Mortals: How the Fear of Death Shaped Human Society
by Ross and Rachel Mckenzie

Now That the Funeral is Over
by Doris Zagdanski

Stuck for Words: What to say to someone who is grieving
by Doris Zagdanski

The Grief Kaleidoscope
by Su-Rose McIntyre

Tree of Strangers
by Barbara Sumner (Adoption)

Teenagers and Grief
by Doris Zagdanski

What’s Dead Mean? How to help children cope with death
by Doris Zagdanski

When Pets Die: It’s alright to grieve
by Doris Zagdanski

Let It Go
by Peter Walsh

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning
by Margareta Magnusson

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
by Marie Kondo

A Good Life to the End: Taking control of our inevitable journey through ageing and death
by Ken Hillman

Any Ordinary Day
by Leigh Sales


The Girls
by Chloe Maree Higgins – about the death of two sisters

Year of Wonders
by Geraldine Brooks – plague comes to an isolated English village


2017 - The Reforms to Human Services Inquiry Report

Delivered to the Australian Federal Government in October 2017, identified the need “to acknowledge that one of the core roles of residential aged care is to provide end-of-life care.”

Read report

2020 - KPMG Palliative Care Economic Report

Commissioned by Palliative Care Australia. Investing to Save - The economics of increased investment in palliative care in Australia

Read report

2021 - Lessons Learnt from Covid-19

By Catholic Health Australia calls on government to create clear lines of communication to avoid the confusion that beset the sectors in 2020 “at the height of the COVID pandemic”

Read report