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Margaret Rice

Margaret Rice is an experienced  journalist, author, feature writer, key note speaker and editor. She has written for The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Australian. She has specialised for many years in medical reportage, and at one time was editor of the general practitioner’s newspaper Medical Observer.

While working for NewsLocal Newspapers in 2012 she took time out to be at the bedside of her dying mother, living at the time in a Sydney nursing home. This experience showed Margaret that, despite a long career in medical journalism, she knew very little about death. She realised this is a cultural problem, and that most people are either afraid of death or know very little about it. This ignorance leads to fear, misunderstanding, misinformation and a lack of attention to the needs and rights of the dying.

With her mother’s consent Margaret started taking notes at her mother’s bedside, which later developed into the book A Good Death; a compassionate and practical guide to prepare for the end of life published by Murdoch Books.

Three days after Margaret resigned from NewsLocal to write her book, her brother Julian was killed in a motor-cycle accident. So now Margaret developed an understanding of the issues surrounding death and grief from a completely different perspective.

These experiences have influenced Margaret’s work since then. Paradoxically Margaret has found, like many before her, that exploring this subject gives a greater appreciation of life.

Despite knowing loss, Margaret realises the importance of finding new ways to live a joyful life.
Today, Margaret manages this website, designed to increase our everyday understanding of death and grief. Margaret uses her extensive communication skills to help people with this natural process by sharing advice and information through her workshops, website, newsletter and written materials.

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