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Good Grief! provides resources, conversations, workshops and events for grief management & end of life discussion.

Good Grief! is a site by Margaret Rice, aimed at facilitating conversation and providing resources for grief management & end of life discussion.

It’s also a place for you to indulge in a lighter side of grief, to seek relief, comfort and wisdom from those who’ve experienced it.

Have you got something to say about your experience of loss or sadness? A story to share? Would you like to find more about how to cope? Good Grief! is a page for everyone. You can contact Margaret here.

After all, we all know what grief is, even though we aren’t very good at talking about it.

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A Good Death is a guide to facilitate much needed conversation and provide resources for grief management and palliative care.

Latest Journal entries

Suspend disbelief and watch 'Surviving Death'.

Suspend disbelief and watch ‘Surviving Death’.

February 22, 2021

by Sandra Moon Are you an afterlife sceptic or not? Have you ever looked for or had a sign from a deceased loved one? Whenever I see the Ulysses butterfly, I call it “Aunty Janet” and think of my sweet, kind and funny Aunt as this was her favourite butterfly. … Read more

From an Advance Care Planning Australia video

National Advance Care Planning Week, March 22-26.

February 17, 2021

As the organisers say, it’s “a time to talk about what matters most”. “National Advance Care Planning Week is an annual initiative by Advance Care Planning Australia that encourages all Australians, regardless of their age or health status, to make their future health care preferences known,” they explain on their … Read more

Andrea Shoesmith and Allison Rees on ABC TV's Australian Story

My name is Allison Rees, I am the grieving mother of Isabella.

February 15, 2021

At my place recently I bought fake tea-light candles so the grandchildren wouldn’t burn themselves. Their mothers looked at me in horror. The danger from the tiny batteries that powered them was much greater than the flame of any candle. Button batteries are everywhere, quite literally. They’re in our tiny … Read more

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