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Good Grief! provides articles, newsletters, resources, and workshops for grief management & end of life discussion.

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Good Grief! is a site by Margaret Rice, aimed at facilitating conversation and providing resources for grief management & end of life discussion.

It’s also a place for you to indulge in a lighter side of grief, to seek relief, comfort and wisdom from those who’ve experienced it.

Have you got something to say about your experience of loss or sadness? A story to share? Would you like to find more about how to cope? Good Grief! is a page for everyone. You can contact Margaret here.

After all, we all know what grief is, even though we aren’t very good at talking about it.

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A Good Death is a guide to facilitate much needed conversation and provide resources for grief management and palliative care.

Latest Articles

Dr Jamal Rifi

We need Covid-19 symptom awareness right now, says Dr Jamal Rifi.

September 27, 2021

As the number of people dying at home from Covid-19 in NSW increases, Dr Jamal Rifi, of Belmore, warns this is not acceptable. There had been 30 deaths at home by last night (Monday, 27 September). Nearly half of these cases were not diagnosed until after death. “We should endeavour … Read more

Dr Jamal Rifi with his team vaccinating Primo workers

Dr Jamal Rifi translates our Covid-19 symptom awareness guide into Arabic.

September 27, 2021

في المنزل ومصاب ب فيروس كورونا  إذا حصلت على نتيجة إيجابية لفحص واظهر انك مصاب بفيروس كورونا ، فسيتم إخبارك بالعزل في المنزل ، بغض النظر ان كان هناك عوارض ام لا.سيتصل بك مسؤولو الصحة في نيو ساوث ويلز لاعطائك نصائح عن صحتك. سوف تتلقى زيارات دورية من قبل الشرطة … Read more

Wollongong Memorial Gardens - photo: Wollongong City Council

Memorials During COVID

September 20, 2021

“As I say to people, if you talk about chocolate you do not get fat, so if you talk about death you are not going to die,” he says.