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Good Grief! provides resources, conversations, workshops and events for grief management & end of life discussion.

Good Grief! is a site by Margaret Rice, aimed at facilitating conversation and providing resources for grief management & end of life discussion.

It’s also a place for you to indulge in a lighter side of grief, to seek relief, comfort and wisdom from those who’ve experienced it.

Have you got something to say about your experience of loss or sadness? A story to share? Would you like to find more about how to cope? Good Grief! is a page for everyone. You can contact Margaret here.

After all, we all know what grief is, even though we aren’t very good at talking about it.

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A Good Death is a guide to facilitate much needed conversation and provide resources for grief management and palliative care.

Latest Journal entries

Photo by Aaron Burden, Unsplash

Holding on to Hope

June 9, 2021

by Sandra Moon Imagine one day your loved one doesn’t return home and as time goes by there is no conclusive evidence that they are dead. According to the Missing Persons Advocacy Network’s Missing Person’s Guide this is what occurs for around five percent of families of missing persons. Without … Read more

Photo by Annie Spratt, Unsplash

Writing Grief Heals

May 25, 2021

by Sandra Moon Writing about grief is a way to honour and remember loved ones beyond our typical cultural rituals says Karen Crofts, Director of the Hunter Writers Centre. “For people who do write about grief the writing process helps them because it makes them take the time to remember. … Read more

Last Hurrah Ladies

A Belief Diverse Last Hurrah

May 17, 2021

By Sandra Moon In Australia, according to the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data, the religion with the largest affiliation is Christian with twelve million two hundred thousand people. At just about half that number, with seven million people, are those who claimed no religion at all. In fact, … Read more

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