Adapting to meet the challenges of Covid-19.

Our grief responses are okay – even the little ones.

The OK's of Covid-19, by the Healing Patch,

This article was updated on 27 July, 2022. It’s close to two and a half years since the World Health Organisation declared a global pandemic and grief is still hitting us and loved ones are still dying. The latest Australian Covid statistics from the ABC are here. We have gone … Read more

Eleven steps to prepare for a good death – in Covid-19 times.

A cup - for tea, or any other cuppa, to offer solace and comfort when someone has died. A vessel, that can be filled and renewed. One with a break and a chip near the handle. We are broken, imperfect, but we can still serve our purpose.

11 steps to a good death – during Covid-19, these strange times. Strange is the right word for now. It is non-judgmental. It says this Covid-19 crisis is different, unfamiliar, something new to be navigated. The following list is adapted from the steps outlined in A Good Death: a compassionate … Read more