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We need Covid-19 symptom awareness right now, says Dr Jamal Rifi.

DrJamal Rifi

As the number of people dying at home from Covid-19 in NSW increases, Dr Jamal Rifi, of Belmore, warns this is not acceptable. There had been 30 deaths at home by last night (Monday, 27 September). Nearly half of these cases were not diagnosed until after death. “We should endeavour … Read more

Dr Jamal Rifi translates our Covid-19 symptom awareness guide into Arabic.

Dr Jamal Rifi with his team vaccinating Primo workers

في المنزل ومصاب ب فيروس كورونا  إذا حصلت على نتيجة إيجابية لفحص واظهر انك مصاب بفيروس كورونا ، فسيتم إخبارك بالعزل في المنزل ، بغض النظر ان كان هناك عوارض ام لا.سيتصل بك مسؤولو الصحة في نيو ساوث ويلز لاعطائك نصائح عن صحتك. سوف تتلقى زيارات دورية من قبل الشرطة … Read more

At home (alone) with Covid-19

Dr Lucy Morgan explains when to call an ambulance

Read the extended version of this story If you get a positive Covid-19 result, you will be told to isolate at home, no matter how fit you feel. NSW Health officers will contact you to talk about your health. You will receive regular police checks to ensure you are isolating. … Read more

Are 18 Deaths at Home from Covid-19 acceptable?

Ianeta Isaako and family

We now have more Covid-19 cases in the community than we could hope to accommodate in hospital. Many will go on to recover without needing the intervention of ICU. But a percentage will need that intervention or they will die. Who will fall into this risk category? We need to … Read more

Sascha’s musings on her sister, for World Suicide Prevention Day


Like family members everywhere, SASCHA COSTIGAN lives with suicide awareness and needs no reminders. But World Suicide Prevention Day, held last Friday September 10 in Australia, is an opportunity to share this awareness with others. World Suicide Prevention Day – an important day to acknowledge all those who have lost … Read more

GaryScribbler Finds Joy

Gary Andrews aka Gary Scribbler

When illustrator, filmmaker and actor Gary Andrews lost his wife, Joy, unexpectedly finding himself raising his two children alone, it was natural for him to find refuge in creativity. He decided to draw a doodle a day and started by simply drawing a broken heart. And that’s how he began … Read more

A Tale of Two Cities

In Mosman LGA

‘Stay at Home’ is now a police operation, as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian more and more desperately urges Sydneysiders not to go out, so the city can fight Covid-19, its rapidly escalating infection rates and inevitable deaths. Across the world, we see enormous variations in the incidence of Covid-19 and … Read more

“Inseparable until the end” – The Pulse shares a terrific story.

Western Sydney Health News ‘The Pulse’ tells a beautiful story today – showing just how innovative palliative care can be – right up until the end. We can’t say it better, so we’ll just let them tell their story. (And Thank you to doctors Jacob Kwak and Tim Chow, who … Read more