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I’m pretty excited – ‘A Good Death’ has now been translated into Chinese.

Good Death - a compassionate and practical guide to prepare for the end of life - Unity Press

I went to my letterbox this week and there was a wonderful surprise. My publisher at Murdoch Books and dear friend Corinne Roberts had sent me a parcel with the note: ‘Congratulations’. When I opened the package, there was a copy of the ‘simplified Chinese’ version of my book A … Read more

Tender Funerals is Looking for a new staff member

Tender Funerals is looking for a new staff member

We’ve noticed  Amy Sagar’s ad on her linkedIn page. She’s looking for a mortician for Tender Funerals at Port Kembla. Tender Funeral’s describes itself as a “community undertaking”, if you’ll excuse the pun, and they work creatively, cost efficiently and with care. “Tender Funerals is a not-for-profit funeral service delivering personalised, … Read more

Christine Pedley reflects on ‘doing death well’.

Christine Pedley

Today we’d simply like to share a lovely, very real story from by our LinkedIn connection Christine Pedley who lives at Ferntree Gully,  Victoria. Christine has been an authorised marriage celebrant for 11 years.  She “co-creates ceremonies that are always bespoke. I assist and offer guidance in conducting any celebration … Read more

Grief and forced adoption

Sandra attended the Without Consent exhibition on forced adoption in 2015 at Canberra’s National Gallery.

As we’ve often said, there are other sources of grief besides death. Our Good Grief! writer Sandra Moon shares a source of grief in her life – being adopted in “a vacuum of silence”. She discusses the pain caused by forced adoption practices. Today most jurisdictions have policies of ‘open … Read more

Who makes it out alive?

Who Makes It Out Alive?

What a great headline. Katrin Gerber has used it with the added thought – “Predicting survival to discharge of hospital patients referred to residential aged care.” Dr Gerber and her team looked retrospectively over a two year period at the files of 71 patients leaving an acute hospital in Melbourne. … Read more

Happy 100th Guy!


I thought I was the early bird, just now sneaking in at 6.30 the evening before the big day to wish artist Guy Warren happy birthday. He turns 100 tomorrow. But family and friends are already at his house, celebrating with very classy French champagne. They are not leaving before … Read more

Are you dicing with death if you have the Astra- Zeneca vaccine?


The answer is mostly no. How you feel about the risks is probably influenced by where you live. One of the paradoxes of the current situation for Australians is that our advantage of being isolated and far away from the places where Covid-19 has been rampant, is now our disadvantage. … Read more

Change is a coming – to palliative care

Change is a coming - to palliative care. Photo by Jeremy Wong - Unsplash

Here’s Good Grief’s bullet point review of Volume 1 Summary and Recommendations, of Australia’s Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. It’s a report we want to help you keep an eye on. The Commission’s report, delivered last February, is a fantastic opportunity for everyone – including lay people, … Read more

Good grief: how can we make it easier to talk about death?

Julia Craig's story, about helping others deal with grief grief, features in a recent issue of - Photo by Rosa Woods.

Yes, this is our mantra too. We shared the link to this story in our March newsletter. “For many people, grief is private – and shameful. Two young women want to bring it out of the shadows,” writes Jehan Casinader, in this piece of Feb 27,  from Jehan’s piece looks at gaps … Read more

Good Friday, a significant ‘death day’.

Photos of interior of St Nicholas Church Leipzig, by SonjaBo, Eric O and MichelM_Delft

Today, Good Friday,  of course is a very important ‘death’ day in the Christian calendar.  For those connected to the deeper level of Christian belief, it’s more important than Christmas Day – although it will be outranked in three days time by Easter Sunday. All the Christian denominations have in … Read more

Giving Choice and Power to the Dying

By Sandra Moon Are you with me in thinking the funeral industry is incredibly expensive? Would you take that thought one step further and build your own coffin? Well you can make your own coffin and one way is by accessing a coffin club. But the benefits of making a … Read more

Of droughts and flooding plains.

Sadly, one person has died in the NSW floods. Our hearts go out to the young man’s family. The 25-year-old got trapped in his car at Glenorie, a place we know and love. News reports say he was caught by suddenly rising flood waters on Cattai Ridge Road. We’re thinking … Read more

It’s not what you see in the movies, says Kathryn Mannix.

It's not what you see in the movies, Kathryn says.

We love this. Kathryn Mannix is a palliative care specialist from the UK who we admire. And she’s recently written a book on approaching death, With The End In Mind. This is a similar take to mine – which is not as surprising as it may seem. Because when people … Read more

We need to explain reactions to Covid-19 vaccines.

At the moment there is fear and push back because of the blood clotting associated with the Astra Zeneca vaccine

We go back to Covid-19, which will never really leave us now – the idea of it is with us forever. Vaccines will make a huge difference, saving lives. Yes, at Good Grief! we talk about death, but facing off against Covid-19 is now part of that conversation. At the … Read more