Death of a partner

Dreams can be challenging for the grieving.

Person in dream state in outer space setting - Photo by Илья Мельниченко on Unsplash

Dreams can be challenging for the grieving. There are plenty of theories about why we dream and one common explanation is that they help us process emotions. They can be particularly poignant when they involve someone we love who has died. In another of her reflections on her own grief, … Read more

Maybe there ARE stages of grief after all – and one is a tsunami.

Wave crashing

Gay McKinley now definitely believe that there are stages of grief and she describes ‘the tsunami of grief’ stage as one of them. She has written about her deep insights into grief in her two previous articles, shared to our newsletter readers and then here on the Good Grief! website. … Read more

When Grief Comes Unexpectedly Calling

Gay and David together in Italy the day before he died

Grief came unexpectedly calling for GAY McKINLEY, and she is still learning how to find her way without the love of her life. This article first appeared as A Reader’s Story in the Good Grief July 2023 issue, which can be found here. Last year Gay got in touch, following … Read more

Beyond casseroles: A widower’s guide to moving forward.


This article was updated on April 18, 2023. It discusses how widowed fathers bonded together. by Sandra Moon How do widowers cope with grief? The world as they knew it, with its well-mapped out future of anniversaries, grandchildren, shared parenthood and milestones, has gone. And when the pity, advice and … Read more

Living with Grief.

Living with Grief Seminar, Saturday September 10, 2022.

The Calvary Bereavement Counselling Service, Kogarah, will be running a ‘Living with Grief ‘ seminar for anyone who wants to learn a little more about grief. We’ll share a cup of tea and listen to the seminar sessions in a warm, friendly atmosphere where you can hear a range of … Read more

Fab Five at Queer Eye help Craw-Zaddy overcome his grief.

Craw-Zaddy overcomes grief with Queer Eyes' Fab Five - the gorgeous boys

Todd Maddox, restaurateur and owner of Plooky’s Cajun Boilin’ Pot, Canyon Lake, Texas, USA, becomes imprisoned in grief – before Queer Eye’s Fab Five rescue him – sharing his story and showing us how to rescue ourselves from the same traps. We’ve become addicted to Netflix’s new Queer Eye, with … Read more

GaryScribbler Finds Joy

Gary Andrews aka Gary Scribbler

When illustrator, filmmaker and actor Gary Andrews lost his wife, Joy, unexpectedly finding himself raising his two children alone, it was natural for him to find refuge in creativity. He decided to draw a doodle a day and started by simply drawing a broken heart. And that’s how he began … Read more

Matthew’s heart-warming story of post-traumatic growth.

After Matthew read Sandra’s Good Grief! story “Beyond casseroles: a widower’s guide to moving forward” at: he was inspired to get in touch. In a moment strangely resonant of Sydney’s current lockdown, in April last year he allowed us to publish his grief story. He began a period of … Read more