When my own time comes

Why higher wages in aged care will help the good death.

CEO of Hammondcare Mike Baird, photo from Kelvin Bissett's LinkedIn page.

The Australian Federal Election was officially called today and last week HammondCare’s CEO Mike Baird issued a challenge to the Federal Government to match Labor’s pledge to improve aged care workforce wages. HammondCare provides aged care in Australia. Mike Baird is the former Liberal Premier of NSW. Mike’s involvement keeps … Read more

Families can be broken by misunderstandings when someone dies.

Families can be broken by misunderstandings when someone dies

After three decades working at Wollongong City Council’s memorial gardens and cemeteries, Operations Manager John Chilby has told the Illawarra Mercury he’s lost count of the times he’s seen families broken by misunderstandings when someone dies. “It causes more grief and break-ups between families, so we want to try and … Read more

13 questions about aged care for your local politician

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Updated 15 March, 2022. Aged Care Reform Now (ACRN) asked if we would give their ‘13 questions – where do you stand on aged care’ campaign some publicity. It’s a year since the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – but there hasn’t been enough improvement to aged … Read more

Bianka Eifler explores grief at Wollongong’s ‘Conversations around Death and Dying’ day.

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District.

Bianka Eifler, Bereavement Coordinator and Counsellor at the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District, is looking forward to supporting people from everywhere – not just Wollongong – as they ask questions about grief, when she’s a guest speaker at Wollongong’s free event, “Conversations around Death and Dying”. It’s a discussion and … Read more

Conversations around Death and Dying.

Conversations around Death and Dying - Wollongong Memorial Gardens

It’s great to be doing live events again! People ask so many interesting questions. “Is a will a legal document?” someone asked the last time I stood on a podium, just before Covid-19 hit. The lawyers in the room were surprised.  For them it was ‘Legal Studies – 101.’ But … Read more

Why birth and death are similar – a nurse’s perspective.

Why birth and death are similar - a nurse's perspective - Pippa White

By Julia Grieves For anyone who’s been pregnant, especially for the first time, the looming reality of giving birth becomes an event etched into the calendar of one’s future. For most however, unless undergoing a booked in C-section, there is no clear grasp of exactly when this event will occur, … Read more

Rethinking tunnelled drains – a good example of a small change that makes a big difference in palliative care.

Clinical nurse consultant Nikki (Turner) Campbell (Turner) and Associate Professor Richard Chye, of Sacred Heart Hospice, Sydney.

Some ideas in medical studies can look very obscure and technical to the layperson – yet in reality nothing could be further from the truth. A number will transform into very practical improvements for patients, such as those who need skilled care at the end of life. The following is … Read more

It’s legal to withhold life-sustaining medical treatment.

It’s legal. You’re allowed to say ‘no’ to medical treatment. And if you’re the person responsible, you’re allowed to say no on behalf of the person you’re responsible for. But there’s still confusion about this – both in the broader community, in hospitals and nursing home. So let’s unpack it. … Read more

When ventilation goes too far.

A still from by Brad Racino's video in Deciding When a Life is No Longer Worth Living

Ventilators keeping more than 8000 patients alive, in nursing homes: it doesn’t seem plausible. But it’s true. In the US today approximately 8200 ventilators are being used in nursing homes, triggering a debate about whether these should be turned over to covid-19 patients, in the event of the country’s ventilator … Read more

Our first hubbub of 2020 was at Waverton.

The Waverley Hub spreads good cheer with carolling at Waverton Station, Christmas 2019.

‘Come and listen to Margaret at our next Waverton Hub Speakers’ Presentation: 2pm at the Waverton Uniting church hall, 75 Bay Rd Waverton Tuesday 4 February. No need to book – free entry – all invited.’

Why CPR is often not compatible with a quiet death.

Death in the Sickroom by Edvard Munch

I’m going to show you contrasting end of life sick beds. I’m hoping these images will help you think about your end-of-life moment more realistically. The painting Death in the Sickroom, by Edvard Munch has the level of gravitas many of us imagine at our deathbeds. Everyone is very passive, … Read more

Death Cafe at Sutherland Library

Sutherland Library, Sydney, holds a Death Cafe

Sutherland Library’s meeting room was filled to capacity with about 100 people on August 8, 2019, and the Death Cafe organised by Home Instead’s Karen Buckley was fully subscribed within days of being advertised. Karen and her team had worked tirelessly to show people the importance of being well prepared. … Read more

Let’s talk about it.

With Sallie Tisdale at ABC studios for Life Matters

Christine from Brisbane’s father died in August, so not that long ago, as she explained on Radio National yesterday. She phoned in to speak on Hilary Harper’s Life Matters program: “Preparing for the loss of a loved one.” Christine’s father had a stroke 18 months before and as his death … Read more

Help with end of life care directions has just arrived.

Help with end of life care directions for elderly Australians has just arrived.

Help with end of life care directions  has just arrived – for elderly Australians – in the form of the ELDAC website. (https://www.eldac.com.au/) Funded and supported by the Australian Government, it’s an internet tool developed by palliative care experts from around the country. The package has documents, videos and information … Read more

My advance care directive is only short

Sheila Kitzinger's book A Passion For Birth is still available

My advance care directive is only short. I don’t want to say too much, be too specific and I’ve been very deliberate about this. Today I popped it up, sorting to the top of my list of computer folders. Of course I hope it won’t be needed for many years. But … Read more