Cultural stories

Acute Rheumatic Fever still causes death in Australia.

A happy Indigenous girl living in out back Australia

Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) still causes death in Indigenous Australians, who also have a higher risk of general heart disease death. And currently only one in five people who need treatment for the Rheumatic Heart Disease that results from ARF can get this, according to a Flinders University study. Between … Read more

Find your Ikigai and ‘rewrite your life story’.

Stephen and Sharlene Licciardello - Rewrite Your Life Story

Good Grief”s journey to improve death has the purpose of improving life. And the meandering recently brought me to the Japanese concept of Ikigai. That was when my friend Danielle from my local coffee shop handed me the little book Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy … Read more

Suspend disbelief and watch ‘Surviving Death’.

Suspend disbelief and watch 'Surviving Death'.

This article was updated 24 November, 2022. It discusses suspending disbelief about the after life. by Sandra Moon Are you an afterlife sceptic or not? Have you ever looked for or had a sign from a deceased loved one? Whenever I see the Ulysses butterfly, I call it “Aunty Janet” … Read more

Sixty Seven Days by Yvonne Weldon.

Sixty Seven Days by Yvonne Weldon - Leaning in with Yvonne

Here I am, leaning in with Yvonne Weldon at her Gleebook event last night where she shared the story behind her debut novel Sixty Seven Days. It’s a story about love and loss and it’s set in the heart of Yvonne’s proud Wiradjuri heritage. Yvonne is a First Nations Australian. … Read more

Bombs and bloodshed will not win Ukraine for Russia.

Bombs and bloodshed will not win Ukraine for Russia - James Spenceley at Mykhailivska Square , Kyiv.

Russia, bombs will not win Ukraine. They might bring a short-term victory. But Ukraine will resist – with growing and longterm support from everyday people around the globe. Once these people would not have mattered. But the world is now more connected, so individuals everywhere can energise a cause. People … Read more

A Tale of Two Cities

In Mosman LGA

‘Stay at Home’ is now a police operation, as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian more and more desperately urges Sydneysiders not to go out, so the city can fight Covid-19, its rapidly escalating infection rates and inevitable deaths. Across the world, we see enormous variations in the incidence of Covid-19 and … Read more

I’m pretty excited – ‘A Good Death’ has now been translated into Chinese.

Good Death - a compassionate and practical guide to prepare for the end of life - Unity Press

I went to my letterbox this week and there was a wonderful surprise. My publisher at Murdoch Books and dear friend Corinne Roberts had sent me a parcel with the note: ‘Congratulations’. When I opened the package, there was a copy of the ‘simplified Chinese’ version of my book A … Read more

Do dostadning now

Peter Walsh - Let it Go

Australian-born Peter Walsh, who’s made it in LA with blessings from Oprah, has  written the ideal gem for those at that difficult time of dismantling their parents’ home. Even though Let It Go, like many of Walsh’s books, is about decluttering generally, it shows what a cleansing experience this can … Read more