PART 2: Contacting services during the holidays when someone dies

services for death during christmas

Do you have a service that you want people to know about, that is still available during the Christmas Holiday period? Let us know at Good Grief! has prepared this guide to help with some of the challenges you’ll face if a death occurs in the holidays. It’s not … Read more

Wills and enduring power of attorney in south Western Australia.

Bunbury, WA - photo courtesy City of Bunbury

Wills and enduring power of attorney are needed everywhere and we’ve had a query about them from a pensioner in Western Australia. “Just looking for some advice on wills and enduring power of attorney. I am a pensioner and I live in WA,” she says. “Can you suggest anyone that … Read more

A beautiful death – writer Richard Flanagan talks about it.

One of the most beautiful things I ever saw - Richard Flanagan 'In strong, safe hands' Good Weekend, October 28.

‘A beautiful death’ is an expression few of us feel we have permission to use. Yet writer Richard Flanagan has done just that. Can we say this too? Richard is a Tasmanian author who’s won the Booker Prize, one of the world’s leading prizes for fiction writing. His snippet about … Read more

Podcasts to Help with Grief

Podcasts to help with grief - photo Elice Moore - Unsplash

This article was updated on May 3, 2023. Everyone’s doing a podcast these days and I for one love them. You can listen to them while walking the dog, in the car or on your daily commute. And let’s face it, listening to the hosts can feel like being with … Read more

Socials to Follow for Grief

Writer Clover Stroud, photo courtesy UK's The Good Grief Festival

This article was updated on April 25, 2023. We talk about socials to follow for grief support. You’ve read the online comments on your bereavement post, noted the care emojis, the likes and read all the messages. You’ve even shared photos and videos with family and friends. But all that … Read more

A Grief without a loss: John Brodgen shares.

John Brogden, Chair of Lifeline

This article was updated on 21 March 2023. On the 60 year anniversary of Lifeline Australia we revisit patron John Brogden’s lessons from grief. A lot has changed for Lifeline Australia patron Mr John Brogden since we last caught up with him in 2020. Lifeline has now ‘gone global‘ with … Read more

Understand death better.

Mosman Square Seniors Centre, February 20, 2023.

Here are some documents discussed at our Mosman Seniors Centre session today. It doesn’t matter whether you were there or not, these might be useful. Take our easy two question survey. And if you take our simple two question survey today, you could be in the draw to get a … Read more

Dying is a big experience, and only a small part is medical.

Social Worker Joanna McIlveen at St George and Sutherland Community College, September 23, 2022

Grief is socially isolating but it doesn’t need to be – we can provide the community we need when someone dies, Joanna McIlveen explained. We were at a Professional Development Day for the Workskills teachers of the St George and Sutherland Community College. Jo’s presentation was profound. Here are some … Read more

‘Comfort Food for Grief’ – Lyndey shares her special recipe for Shepherd’s Pie.

Australian Celebrity chef, Lyndey Milan shares her recipes for 'Comfort Food for Grief'.

In this occasional series Lyndey Milan, Australian cooking and media personality, shares ‘Comfort Food for Grief’ – wholesome ideas for special foods to comfort you or those you love, during difficult emotional times. When we met it was immediately clear there was a strong connection between our missions. Lyndey is passionate … Read more

But it doesn’t look too serious.

Staging of pressure sores, image by

This article updated on 16 August 2022, discusses pressure sores in palliative care. With all our attention recently focused on the big threat of Covid-19, the little things that don’t appear to be a problem could sneak up on us. A reader raised her concerns about the way her mother … Read more

Death doulas are becoming increasingly popular in Australia – so what exactly do they do?

Interest in death doulas grows

Death doulas are becoming increasingly popular in Australia – so what exactly do death doulas do? Because theirs is only an emerging field, roles and what we can expect from people who define themselves as ‘death doulas’ can vary. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that more and more … Read more

Eleven steps to a prepare for a good death – in ordinary times.

11 steps for a good death - in ordinary times.

This article was updated on 26 July, 2022. The first step to prepare for a good death is to find out more about death. We learn: Next, we prepare for our own end. To do this we: For more discussion about these 11 steps, see:A Good Death – a compassionate … Read more

Sixty Seven Days by Yvonne Weldon.

Sixty Seven Days by Yvonne Weldon - Leaning in with Yvonne

Here I am, leaning in with Yvonne Weldon at her Gleebook event last night where she shared the story behind her debut novel Sixty Seven Days. It’s a story about love and loss and it’s set in the heart of Yvonne’s proud Wiradjuri heritage. Yvonne is a First Nations Australian. … Read more

Jess Hill explains coercive control in domestic violence.

Jess Hill explains coercive control in domestic violence.

Author Jess Hill has a valuable insight into domestic violence and how it connects to coercive control. She is the author of the Stella Prize winning book See What You Made Me Do. We didn’t really have a framework for discussing coercive control, until relatively recently. But Jess has helped … Read more

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