Improving end-of-life care

Sponsored Article: Decision making is a human right.

photo of reflective old man by Danie Franco - Unsplash

* Decision making is a human right but many people assume this right no longer exists in the vulnerable, explains lawyer Michael Perkins. To Find out more about how Autonomy First Lawyers can help the vulnerable decision maker, go to their site on the Good Grief! Business Directory. “Decision making … Read more

Sponsored Article: How can ExSitu help with my advance care planning?

April Creed, co-founder of ExSitu

*This article is by April Creed, Co-Founder of and an experienced Clinician with a background of over 25 years as a Registered nurse and Aged Care Manager. More information about ExSitu can be found in our Good Grief! Business Directory. For even the most organised of people, planning for … Read more

Palliative care is now about living as well as possible


Expert in palliative care Richard Chye talks living. This article was inspired by our survey results asking the question ‘What is your biggest question about dying and what is your biggest fear?’ and is the fourth in a series exploring the concerns you raised. It first appeared in our Good … Read more

Live the Life You Please and Q&A session.

Live the Life You Please.

Discussions about that taboo subject – death – will open up when a new film, Live the Life You Please, plays at the Event Cinema Bondi Junction at 6pm, on May 24. The film introduces Australians of all ages, and from all over Australia, who are “experiencing their last chapter” – that … Read more

Death doulas are becoming increasingly popular in Australia – so what exactly do they do?

Interest in death doulas grows

Death doulas are becoming increasingly popular in Australia – so what exactly do death doulas do? Because theirs is only an emerging field, roles and what we can expect from people who define themselves as ‘death doulas’ can vary. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that more and more … Read more

Don’t waste Perrottet’s $743 million palliative care spend.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet

Jane’s behaviours, which in a palliative care setting would have been seen as the concerns of an elderly person who was about to die, were instead wrongly interpreted as the behaviour of someone being difficult

Work and end-of-life care – online for post-Covid times

Work has gone online – even, surprisingly, in the healthcare space. We’ve discovered more about what’s effective and what isn’t as lawyers, school teachers and sales people have developed new online practices. However, at times this can feel like two steps forward, one step back. Some Sydney lawyers report that … Read more

Have your say…for a few more weeks

You’ve got a (small) opportunity to fill in a survey about palliative care in NSW, until December 15, this year (2017). The NSW government has promised to spend an extra $100 million over the next four years for community-based palliative care services, on top of the money it already spends. … Read more