Sponsored Article: Decision making is a human right.

photo of reflective old man by Danie Franco - Unsplash

* Decision making is a human right but many people assume this right no longer exists in the vulnerable, explains lawyer Michael Perkins. To Find out more about how Autonomy First Lawyers can help the vulnerable decision maker, go to their site on the Good Grief! Business Directory. “Decision making … Read more

Sponsored Article: How can ExSitu help with my advance care planning?

April Creed, co-founder of ExSitu

*This article is by April Creed, Co-Founder of www.myexsitu.com and an experienced Clinician with a background of over 25 years as a Registered nurse and Aged Care Manager. More information about ExSitu can be found in our Good Grief! Business Directory. For even the most organised of people, planning for … Read more