Being there for someone who is dying

‘Legacy writing’ programs around Australia.

Find your 'Legacy Writer' in Australia - photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

by Olivia Loukas Legacy writing – also known as biography or life writing – is a way of documenting someone’s life story, in their own words, before they die. It can take various forms and is, by its nature, a deeply personal and spiritual process. Our article about the legacy … Read more

Australia comes fourth in ranking of end-of-life care.

Australia does well in new global study of end-of-life - aspects of care measured

Here’s some good news for Australians! Australia comes fourth in a ranking of end-of-life care, in a new assessment and comparison of 81 countries by The Lien Centre for Palliative Care at Duke-NUS Medical School. The report, Cross Country Comparison of Expert Assessments of the Quality of Death and Dying … Read more

Our new Resource Hub is here and we’re over the moon!

Good Grief Resource Hub

Our little team here at Good Grief! is over the moon! The mission of Good Grief! is to provide articles, newsletters, resources, and workshops for grief management & end of life discussion and we’ve just improved the way we do it. Cynthia, our graphic designer, has added the finishing touches to … Read more

A video about mouth care for someone dying at home.

We’ve uploaded a set of videos on mouth care this week. They’re designed for everyday people caring for someone who is dying at home. At first glance the subject seems straight forward – and then suddenly it’s overwhelming. Am I doing the right thing? Could I hurt her? If do … Read more

Priceless work of our local carers.

Tania Teague with her mother Anita Teague - photo John Appleyard, Daily Telegraph

Sometimes there’s an overlap between Good Grief! and the other newspaper articles I write and today’s story published in The Daily Telegraph, Mosman Daily, North Shore Times and The Wentworth Courier is a good example. Behind every dying person there’s usually at least one dedicated carer – often a whole … Read more

Rethinking tunnelled drains – a good example of a small change that makes a big difference in palliative care.

Clinical nurse consultant Nikki (Turner) Campbell (Turner) and Associate Professor Richard Chye, of Sacred Heart Hospice, Sydney.

Some ideas in medical studies can look very obscure and technical to the layperson – yet in reality nothing could be further from the truth. A number will transform into very practical improvements for patients, such as those who need skilled care at the end of life. The following is … Read more

It’s legal to withhold life-sustaining medical treatment.

It’s legal. You’re allowed to say ‘no’ to medical treatment. And if you’re the person responsible, you’re allowed to say no on behalf of the person you’re responsible for. But there’s still confusion about this – both in the broader community, in hospitals and nursing home. So let’s unpack it. … Read more

Of Critical Importance.

“Palliative and end of life care are absolutely critical parts of aged care,” Sean Rooney, Leading Age Services Australia CEO.

“Palliative and end of life care are absolutely critical parts of aged care,” Sean Rooney, Leading Age Services Australia CEO, told Good Grief! as the Federal budget with its big investment in aged care was announced. This follows the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety The Commission reported “confronting personal stories of under-resourcing, … Read more

Who makes it out alive?

Who Makes It Out Alive?

What a great headline. Katrin Gerber has used it with the added thought – “Predicting survival to discharge of hospital patients referred to residential aged care.” Dr Gerber and her team looked retrospectively over a two year period at the files of 71 patients leaving an acute hospital in Melbourne. … Read more

Kim’s story

"Doula work is something I’d been searching for all along and not known about," says Kim.

Kim Somerville looks like someone you’d expect to be working with chic designer wear at Noosa or another upmarket beach. The day we chatted at her favourite local coffee shop in Sydney’s Lilli Pilli, she wore her blonde hair tied back from her light-filled, open face. Her navy linen dress … Read more

Improving palliative care in nursing homes.

Kathleen Wurth blogged at Caresearch recently.

We’re still hearing uncomfortable stories from readers about the deaths of their elderly in nursing homes. Sometimes only a little thing went wrong, making the family sad for the dying person, and undoing other good intentions. Other times it was a bigger problem. So today we’re shining the spotlight on … Read more

What happens when nurses are afraid at their patients’ end of life?

What happens when nurses are afraid at their patients end of life?

When Dr Katrin Gerber shared her thoughts about the important topic of pain management at the end of life, it brought back many memories. My mother died in a nursing home in late 2011, and the haunting question lingered – did Mum get the pain relief she needed as she … Read more

The challenges continue.

The challenges continue for those of us grappling with Covid-19 restrictions and the impacts for the elderly in aged care. This has become a very personal dilemma for me. My 96-year-old father has developed a sense of being imprisoned and I must say his distress over this has caused my … Read more

Is the place I want to be cared for the place where I want to die?

Dr Katrin Gerber

The work of Dr Katrin Gerber has caught our eye. This is because whenever the question comes up about where someone wants to die, it can be hard to gauge accurately, and Katrin has studied it intensely. As a kindly volunteer, sitting with palliative care patients, I remember being struck … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in the end of life space.

Suggesting artificial intelligence (AI) be used in the end of life space, might make the heart race, or cause you to recoil in horror. Do we really want artificial intelligence in there? A tweet by Dying2Learn about this triggered frightening images: praying mantis like robots leaning in to ask Mrs … Read more