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Jess Hill explains coercive control in domestic violence.

Jess Hill explains coercive control in domestic violence.

Author Jess Hill has a valuable insight into domestic violence and how it connects to coercive control. She is the author of the Stella Prize winning book See What You Made Me Do. We didn’t really have a framework for discussing coercive control, until relatively recently. But Jess has helped … Read more

Asbestos deaths now 90,000 a year globally.

Asbestos causing 90,000 deaths a year.

The nightmare product asbestos, once used extensively in manufacturing and building, is still causing at least 90,000 deaths per year globally, and new deadly exposures are still a major problem throughout the world. We were contacted recently by American Edgar Sibauste, from the public outreach department of He wants … Read more

Our new Resource Hub is here and we’re over the moon!

Good Grief Resource Hub

Our little team here at Good Grief! is over the moon! The mission of Good Grief! is to provide articles, newsletters, resources, and workshops for grief management & end of life discussion and we’ve just improved the way we do it. Cynthia, our graphic designer, has added the finishing touches to … Read more

Climate grief is a real thing.

Climate grief is the grief felt over ecological losses

By Julia Grieves. In the wake of COP26 and widespread critique around the extent of its latest pledges, many Australians join others around the world in feeling increasingly disturbed by alarming predictions of future climate crisis. Climate grief, also known as ecological grief, has been defined as the grief felt … Read more

Menopause and My Ticking Clock

Menopause and my ticking clock

If I had been given just some notice that suddenly one night my sex drive would be switched off, I would have made sure I enjoyed some last hurrahs. I was just forty-one when I experienced menopause. I had relatively few symptoms to warn me and those I had, I … Read more

Socials to Follow for Grief

Writer Clover Stroud, photo courtesy UK's The Good Grief Festival

You’ve read the online comments on your bereavement post, noted the care emojis, the likes and read all the messages. You’ve even shared photos and videos with family and friends. But all that fades and soon, it’s just you and the screen and the desire to scroll. My advice is … Read more

Podcasts to Help with Grief

Podcasts to help with grief - photo Elice Moore - Unsplash

Everyone’s doing a podcast these days and I for one love them. Listen to them walking the dog, in the car or on your daily commute. And let’s face it with lockdown and COVID, listening to the hosts can feel like being with the besties you didn’t know you needed, … Read more

Sascha’s musings on her sister, for World Suicide Prevention Day


Like family members everywhere, SASCHA COSTIGAN lives with suicide awareness and needs no reminders. But World Suicide Prevention Day, held last Friday September 10 in Australia, is an opportunity to share this awareness with others. World Suicide Prevention Day – an important day to acknowledge all those who have lost … Read more

My Grief Story – The Good Grief Festival, UK

For those who like to roam far – and our UK readers – The UK’s Good Grief Festival is holding one of its virtual events on September 21, 2021. “The UK Commission on Bereavement invites anyone who has faced bereavement to share their experience and offer views on how bereaved … Read more

I’m pretty excited – ‘A Good Death’ has now been translated into Chinese.

Good Death - a compassionate and practical guide to prepare for the end of life - Unity Press

I went to my letterbox this week and there was a wonderful surprise. My publisher at Murdoch Books and dear friend Corinne Roberts had sent me a parcel with the note: ‘Congratulations’. When I opened the package, there was a copy of the ‘simplified Chinese’ version of my book A … Read more

Believe your eyes

Believe your eyes - a still from Darnella Frazier's video

It’s a pretty simple proposition. ‘Believe your eyes”, the prosecutor tells the jury of the 9 ½ minute video of George Floyd being killed by policeman Derek Chauvin. Often we’re encouraged to doubt what we see on film and video – because clips can be doctored. But not in this … Read more

Even Harvard knows about grief.

Even Harvard knows about grief.

Updated February 2, 2022. Friend and fellow traveller Mimi passed this info along. It’s a resource to help with grief, prepared by Harvard Medical School’s publishing house. This line attracted our attention: “You’ll learn that some of the things we’ve been taught about grief don’t necessarily hold true.” For example, … Read more

I did it my way

My Way (Charity Single) By Margaret Mackie & Jamie Lee Morley

The favourite expression of some Anglican friends is: “the best is yet to come.” They’re referring to life after death, and it’s a very comforting thought. But for 83-year-old Scottish Margaret this has turned out to be true before then, right at the end of life, while she lives in … Read more

George Floyd


If ever there were an illustration of the link between politics and mortality statistics, George Floyd symbolises it. The video of a Minneapolis policeman with his knee pressed down on George’s neck, in an act that would kill him, is now infamous. It has incited riots and protests all over … Read more

What happens when a child wants to talk about death?

Debbie Pepin, convenor of the

In Debbie Pepin’s case (pictured) the adults got into trouble. Debbie who lives in Austin, Texas, USA is a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, educator, and advocate for talking openly about and making plans for the one certainty of life—death. “During middle school, I came home one day eager to talk about a … Read more