preparing your will.

Join us for another ‘Understand Death Better’ – and there are more coming.

Margaret Rice talking at the Understand Death Better event, Mosman Seniors Centre, July 10, 2023.

More than 50 people attended our Mosman July 10 Q&A session at Mosman Seniors Centre last week. Questions started quickly and they focused around advance care directives. This is not surprising. One woman explained that she had her advance care directive lodged with her GP. Those in the room asked … Read more

Sponsored Article: When tragedy strikes, it’s never part of our plan.

Photo by Jen Theodore, Unsplash

By Rachel O’Connor, Director, Flourix Wealth. Tragedy strikes at any stage of life, as we’re building our family, our home, our financial security. On my website I say: “Many of us have a picture of what our ideal life would look like. A comfortable life, where we have the means … Read more

Reflecting on our June 1 Understand Death Better Q&A session.

Sharing with the audience at the Understand Death Better Q&A session, on June 1, 2023

There were so many stories shared at our Understand Death Better Q&A on June 1, as people asked about what was on their minds. It was at The Ron Dyer Centre, St Mary’s Church, North Sydney. Spontaneously, medical oncologist Dr Fran Boyle and Patricia Thomas of Grief Care, and host … Read more

Choosing the executor of your will.

Ambre Langdown of ACL Law, Sanctuary Cove.

This article on choosing the executor of your will was updated on 19 August, 2022. Choosing the executor of your will is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. But what does an executor actually have to do? Who makes a good executor? And what do you … Read more

What happens when a child wants to talk about death?

Debbie Pepin, convenor of the

This article was updated on August 3, 2022. In Debbie Pepin’s case (pictured) the adults got her into trouble for wanting to talk about death. Debbie who lives in Austin, Texas, USA is a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, educator, and advocate for talking openly about and making plans for the one certainty … Read more

Four planning steps – sounds complicated but they’re not.

Join us at North Sydney Rotary on March 5

We had a great discussion about the things you need to do to be well- organised in the event of your demise, at the North Sydney Rotary lunchtime meeting, from 1pm March 5, 2020. The organisers said we had a ‘full house’ with every member attending. The following list might … Read more