Choosing the executor of your will.

This article on choosing the executor of your will was updated on 19 August, 2022.

Choosing the executor of your will is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. But what does an executor actually have to do? Who makes a good executor? And what do you do if there simply is no one you trust to do the right thing with your assests at the end of life?

Believe it or not, the latter scenario is not a sign of a lonely life either. It is more common that you would think due to any number of reasons, including siblings arguing, estranged relationships, the sudden arrival of long lost relatives or second and sometimes third or more marriages and bonus families throwing spanners into the works.

Lawyer Ambre Langdown published a story on her LinkedIn page that contains practical, up-to-date information about choosing the executor of your will that can help us all.

As Ambre says, choosing the executor of your will can be seen by people as an honour – both those bestowed with the task and those who are doing the bestowing.

“However, it sometimes is not always appropriate as it can be a difficult and stressful task,” Ambre says.

And not only that – but does the person assigned the role have the time and reserves of energy required to do all the task requires?

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If not you may choose to use an department such as the NSW Trustee and Guardian or a lawyer to be the trustee to your will. But remember this comes with a fee.

State Trustees Victoria list everything an executor may need to do in the performance of their duties here.

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