The ‘Wecroak’ app.

Here’s a thing: the Wecroak app.

The founders believe daily reminders of death help relieve death anxiety – and that this in turn is at the heart of many mental health problems today.

“The WeCroak app is inspired by a Bhutanese folk saying: to be a happy person, one must contemplate death five times daily.” says the website.

To our culture that might seem like too much.

That said, there is something powerful in the idea expressed on the website: “We encourage you to take one moment for contemplation, conscious breathing or meditation. We believe that a regular practice of contemplating mortality helps us accept what we must, let go of things that don’t matter and honour the things that do.”

Thanks for the tip-off about this app, Susie A.

To find out more about Wecroak, go to:

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