Is death painful or just uncomfortable? How do we have those difficult conversations? Starting the conversation.

Join us for another ‘Understand Death Better’ – and there are more coming.

Margaret Rice talking at the Understand Death Better event, Mosman Seniors Centre, July 10, 2023.

More than 50 people attended our Mosman July 10 Q&A session at Mosman Seniors Centre last week. Questions started quickly and they focused around advance care directives. This is not surprising. One woman explained that she had her advance care directive lodged with her GP. Those in the room asked … Read more

Reflecting on our June 1 Understand Death Better Q&A session.

Sharing with the audience at the Understand Death Better Q&A session, on June 1, 2023

There were so many stories shared at our Understand Death Better Q&A on June 1, as people asked about what was on their minds. It was at The Ron Dyer Centre, St Mary’s Church, North Sydney. Spontaneously, medical oncologist Dr Fran Boyle and Patricia Thomas of Grief Care, and host … Read more