Birth and death again – that endless yet uplifting cycle.

Birth and death again - that endless yet uplifting cycle

In our family today we celebrate a new life once again. And I am reminded of Rabbi Alvin Fine – yes, again. You can’t reach the age I am now without feeling birth and death’s endless yet uplifting cycle. What joys await my latest grandchild? What sorrows? I don’t wish … Read more

Disenfranchised Grief: Melbourne two years on.

Disenfranchised grief - Melbourne two years on. Melbourne mother Sara Webb.

It’s been two years since the first Covid-19 restrictions were announced in Australia and nowhere felt it harder than Melbourne, which faced the longest lockdowns globally. Melbourne’s experience has been unique in Australia and Melbournians are wanting to share what they have endured, and the losses needing to be grieved. … Read more

What is the difference between grief and trauma?

What is the difference between grief and trauma? Photo by Bonnie Dalrymple

At a time when more lives are being turned upside down, and as we look towards how to respond, it’s important to understand: what is the difference between grief and trauma? In the last few weeks our screens have been bombarded with news of floods, war and the continuation of … Read more

Melbourne study confirms intense suffering for families of those dying in nursing homes during Covid-19

Melbourne study confirms extra suffering for families of those dying in nursing homes during Covid-19 - Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash

The families of those dying in residential aged care experienced intense levels of stress and suffering because of Covid-19 lockdowns, research from Melbourne confirms. While the research acknowledges something reported all over the world, the authors believe it is the first Australian qualitative study of the issues. Dr Paul Yates … Read more

Fab Five at Queer Eye help Craw-Zaddy overcome his grief.

Craw-Zaddy overcomes grief with Queer Eyes' Fab Five - the gorgeous boys

Todd Maddox, restaurateur and owner of Plooky’s Cajun Boilin’ Pot, Canyon Lake, Texas, USA, becomes imprisoned in grief – before Queer Eye’s Fab Five rescue him – sharing his story and showing us how to rescue ourselves from the same traps. We’ve become addicted to Netflix’s new Queer Eye, with … Read more

My father died on Wednesday.

Dear reader, It’s Christmas Day and my father died on Wednesday. It was not unexpected but the enormity of it is so vast I haven’t yet reached the other side. I have tried several times to write something for you about it. I think this is important because the purpose … Read more

Climate grief is a real thing.

Climate grief is the grief felt over ecological losses

By Julia Grieves. In the wake of COP26 and widespread critique around the extent of its latest pledges, many Australians join others around the world in feeling increasingly disturbed by alarming predictions of future climate crisis. Climate grief, also known as ecological grief, has been defined as the grief felt … Read more

Menopause and My Ticking Clock

Menopause and my ticking clock

If I had been given just some notice that suddenly one night my sex drive would be switched off, I would have made sure I enjoyed some last hurrahs. I was just forty-one when I experienced menopause. I had relatively few symptoms to warn me and those I had, I … Read more

Red Dust Healing

Uncle Tom Powell holding workshop image 'The tree'

Historically, Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities haven’t been appropriately supported when it comes to managing their experiences of grief over their life experiences – often ones of suffering at the hands of the non-Indigenous. SASCHA COSTIGAN shares the story of Red Dust Healing, a program achieving … Read more

Socials to Follow for Grief

Writer Clover Stroud, photo courtesy UK's The Good Grief Festival

You’ve read the online comments on your bereavement post, noted the care emojis, the likes and read all the messages. You’ve even shared photos and videos with family and friends. But all that fades and soon, it’s just you and the screen and the desire to scroll. My advice is … Read more

Sue Lennox and Resilient Communities

A workshop with Bellingen's OzGreen Resilient Communities

By Julia Grieves When Sue Lennox and Anton Juodvalkis put their heads together because of a growing concern about the threats to their community posed by climate change, they had no idea how soon they would need to step up. However their action meant they were ready to go when … Read more

Podcasts to Help with Grief

Podcasts to help with grief - photo Elice Moore - Unsplash

Everyone’s doing a podcast these days and I for one love them. Listen to them walking the dog, in the car or on your daily commute. And let’s face it with lockdown and COVID, listening to the hosts can feel like being with the besties you didn’t know you needed, … Read more

GaryScribbler Finds Joy

Gary Andrews aka Gary Scribbler

When illustrator, filmmaker and actor Gary Andrews lost his wife, Joy, unexpectedly finding himself raising his two children alone, it was natural for him to find refuge in creativity. He decided to draw a doodle a day and started by simply drawing a broken heart. And that’s how he began … Read more