PART 2: Contacting services during the holidays when someone dies

services for death during christmas

Do you have a service that you want people to know about, that is still available during the Christmas Holiday period? Let us know at Good Grief! has prepared this guide to help with some of the challenges you’ll face if a death occurs in the holidays. It’s not … Read more

PART 1: When someone dies at Christmas time.

Death happens across Christmas and holidays

It’s no surprise that there’s death during the holidays. People die all year round but when they die during the holidays what happens can be a surprise if you’re not prepared. Margaret Rice’s father died in Australia three days before Christmas and right before several public holidays. And Margaret reports … Read more

Dreams can be challenging for the grieving.

Person in dream state in outer space setting - Photo by Илья Мельниченко on Unsplash

Dreams can be challenging for the grieving. There are plenty of theories about why we dream and one common explanation is that they help us process emotions. They can be particularly poignant when they involve someone we love who has died. In another of her reflections on her own grief, … Read more

The Great Unsettlement

Gay McKinley with gardening secateurs

The term, “The Great Unsettlement”, is not mine.  I read it in a novel (I wish I could remember what it was!) that was written during the time this amazing planet of ours, and all of us on it, were turned upside down with the arrival of Coronavirus or Covid … Read more

A beautiful death – writer Richard Flanagan talks about it.

One of the most beautiful things I ever saw - Richard Flanagan 'In strong, safe hands' Good Weekend, October 28.

‘A beautiful death’ is an expression few of us feel we have permission to use. Yet writer Richard Flanagan has done just that. Can we say this too? Richard is a Tasmanian author who’s won the Booker Prize, one of the world’s leading prizes for fiction writing. His snippet about … Read more

‘Comfort Food for Grief’ – Lyndey Milan’s Pulled Pork.

Lyndey Milan's Easy Pulled Pork with Apple and Brussel Sprout Sla

In this occasional series, Australian cooking and media personality Lyndey Milan, shares her ‘Comfort Food for Grief – Pulled Pork’. It’s one of her wholesome ideas for special foods to comfort you or those you love, during difficult emotional times. “When you want to offer comfort to family or friends … Read more

Maybe there ARE stages of grief after all – and one is a tsunami.

Wave crashing

Gay McKinley now definitely believe that there are stages of grief and she describes ‘the tsunami of grief’ stage as one of them. She has written about her deep insights into grief in her two previous articles, shared to our newsletter readers and then here on the Good Grief! website. … Read more

Sponsored Article: Grief Care is here to support you.

Grief Care staff - Sigrid Evangelista, Patricia Thomas, Sinead Kent and Carmela Di Pietro

The experience of grief is universal and inevitable for each of us. It is felt physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially and it is a natural response to loss, bereavement, and trauma. Grief is part of being human “But we live in a grief-avoidant culture, that encourages us to move … Read more

Sponsored Article: a coaching course to manage grief?

Want To Create A Fulfilling Lifestyle Helping People Discover How At...

Have you ever considered a coaching course to manage grief? A coaching course can be an effective way to manage grief because of what it teaches you about self-coaching. Heal Yourself and Others With Coaching “We understand that coping with grief and loss can be an overwhelming journey,” says Ben … Read more

Suicide Memorial Event today – everyone is welcome.

Wesley LifeForce Suicide Memorial Service

Wesley Mission is holding its Wesley LifeForce Suicide Memorial Service Day in Sydney today at 12 noon – and everyone is welcome. It’s at Yallamundi Rooms of the Sydney Opera House. See the walking map to get to the right spot, here. You can be with other people in … Read more

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