‘Comfort Food for Grief’ – Lyndey Milan’s Pulled Pork.

Lyndey Milan's Easy Pulled Pork with Apple and Brussel Sprout Sla
Lyndey’s Easy Pulled Pork with Apple and Brussel Sprout Slaw. If you can’t get Brussels Sprouts, any slaw works well.

In this occasional series, Australian cooking and media personality Lyndey Milan, shares her ‘Comfort Food for Grief – Pulled Pork’. It’s one of her wholesome ideas for special foods to comfort you or those you love, during difficult emotional times.

“When you want to offer comfort to family or friends who are bereaved, there are many different ways to do it,” says Lyndey.

“I think dropping off a pre-prepared meal can speak volumes,” she says

“It is a time honoured tradition and a simple, comforting reminder that you are thinking of them and they are not alone. Additionally, with so much for them to do in the first weeks, they often don’t feel like eating. A lack of nourishing food can influence physical and emotional decline. So it’s a wonderful, constructive way to offer support.”

You can freeze and re-heat Lyndey’s Pulled Pork.

“Naturally one immediately thinks of comfort food and something which can be pre-prepared for simple reheating. Also, then the recipient can portion it out as they feel and even freeze some. This is why casseroles are popular,” Lyndey says.

“But it’s also important that the offered meal is enticing. Something with a bit of spice is great for releasing some serotonin in the brain which encourages a feeling of well-being.

So try my Easy Pulled Pork either with Apple & Brussels Sprout Slaw, or if you can’t get Brussels sprouts, any type of slaw – or shredded lettuce, grated cheese and tacos makes a lovely enticing change. From your point of view, this is the perfect easy pulled pork recipe for when you don’t have half a day to prepare and cook.

“I love feedback, so let me know how you get on with this recipe and the others in our collection. Either get in touch with me through or go to my website”

Lyndey Milan’s Pulled Pork is one of the best comfort foods for grief – but here are few others:

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