Believe your eyes

Believe your eyes - a still from Darnella Frazier's video
A still from Darnella Frazier’s video

It’s a pretty simple proposition. ‘Believe your eyes”, the prosecutor tells the jury of the 9 ½ minute video of George Floyd being killed by policeman Derek Chauvin.

Often we’re encouraged to doubt what we see on film and video – because clips can be doctored.

But not in this case. The prosecution in the recent trial of Chauvin showed Darnella Frazier’s video and said what happened was exactly what she filmed. The defence never contradicted this, instead using other arguments to justify it.

Darnella was on the way to a local shop when she stopped and took the video.

Hopefully, the conviction in this case will shift the dynamic, so that more black and coloured people living in places such as America and Australia will receive justice and fewer will be killed by police who later argue they were just doing their job the way they’ve been told to.

There would be no conviction without the video of 17-year-old Darnella Frazier, who filmed what she saw then uploaded it.

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