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At the Cygnet Folk Festival.

We’re back for 2023 and asking ‘What do you want to know about the non-medical as well as medical aspects of end-of-life?’ But first, a reflection. On replenishment. A week beachside with my daughters, their partners and their children was the best anyone could ask for. We were all in … Read more

Dying is a big experience, and only a small part is medical.

Social Worker Joanna McIlveen at St George and Sutherland Community College, September 23, 2022

Grief is socially isolating but it doesn’t need to be – we can provide the community we need when someone dies, Joanna McIlveen explained. We were at a Professional Development Day for the Workskills teachers of the St George and Sutherland Community College. Jo’s presentation was profound. Here are some … Read more