Why not attend an online talk by death anxiety guru Dr Rachel Menzies?

National Palliative Care Week SESLHD- online event
Rachel Menzies will talk about death anxiety for Palliative Care Week.

Rachel Menzies is talking about death anxiety.

She will be the guest of the Grief and Bereavement team, Sutherland Hospital, Sydney, speaking at their online National Palliative Care Week event on May 22 from 2-3pm.

It will be held online via Teams.

Rachel is co-author of the book How the Fear of Death Shaped Human Society with her father Ross. This book explains how death anxiety in the modern world has the power to completely hijack us. This is made worse by the fact that we can’t see our death anxiety – even though it is hidden in plain sight.

For this talk, Rachel will be sharing how knowledge of this common yet poorly understood problem – death anxiety – can have an impact on those living with a life limiting illness. Of course the more we understand this, the more we can support those with life limiting illnesses.

For more information and to book for this fascinating online session contact Joanna McIlveen on:

And if you want to attend a live event at the same time and can get to Kirribilli in Sydney, why not join me for a Q&A called Understand Death Better, at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre. Bookings are essential. To book, ring 9922 4428.

And to read Good Grief’s fascinating interview with Rachel and Ross about their book, follow the link below.

For the Kirribilli event, click on the link below.

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