Death of a child

Very Special Kids and busting myths about children’s hospice.

Very Special Kids Chief Medical Officer Katie Moore

Managing misconceptions. The main myth about a children’s hospice is that it’s just for the end stage of life. Which leads to the next main myth. That is, that supporting children living with a life limiting illness is intensely dark and sad. “People often say to me, about my work: … Read more

Mind levees and grief

Lorraine Cleeton is a US based grief coach, co-author and bereaved mother who uses a ‘levees of the mind’ model to assist clients to understand themselves better. We caught up with Lorraine to talk about grief, her own loss and the levees of the mind. Can you share your own … Read more

My name is Allison Rees, I am the grieving mother of Isabella.

Andrea Shoesmith and Allison Rees on ABC TV's Australian Story

This article was updated on 16 November, 2022. It discusses death from button batteries. At my place recently I bought fake tea-light candles so the grandchildren wouldn’t burn themselves. Their mothers looked at me in horror. The danger from the tiny batteries that powered them was much greater than the … Read more

Mikhailla’s story of losing baby Foxx.

Just after Foxx was born - perfectly normal and at that point healthy - Mikhailla's story of losing baby Foxx

Losing baby Foxx from GBS is something Mikhailla will live with forever. Group B streptococcus, often shortened to GBS is a symptomless and common bacteria, normally harmless and often found in the vagina, bladder, rectal passage and throat. It typically goes unnoticed and is carried by about 20 per cent … Read more

Living with Grief.

Living with Grief Seminar, Saturday September 10, 2022.

The Calvary Bereavement Counselling Service, Kogarah, will be running a ‘Living with Grief ‘ seminar for anyone who wants to learn a little more about grief. We’ll share a cup of tea and listen to the seminar sessions in a warm, friendly atmosphere where you can hear a range of … Read more