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What has grief taught Claudia Tyson?

Claudia Tyson at our local coffee shop

Claudia is a warm face who brightens up my local coffee shop, first thing in the morning. She works for a mission organisation, Church Missionary Society. But we’ve chatted with her today because she’s our neighbour. Her response to our two questions, which we’re asking a few people this year, … Read more

The Ocean of Grief – How does grief affect older people?

Dr Katrin Gerber, of the National Ageing Research Institute, has turned the spotlight on grief in older people. “In our society, older people are often overlooked, marginalised and even forgotten, especially when it comes to loss and grief. We want to change this. So our research focusses on older people … Read more

Today, a Good Grief! explainer.

Today, a Good Grief! explainer

Good Grief! is a resource to share with anyone who needs it. Here is the link to today’s newsletter. Good Grief! is an independent website with more than 200 items to help navigate grief, update rights and opportunities for the dying and support all those involved. It has news, interviews, … Read more

We love this photo of Kathryn.

Kathryn Breusch at her friend Fran's coffin library

We love this photo of Kathryn Breusch – and not just because of the book she’s holding. Kathryn is a death doula, holistic funeral director with Picaluna Funerals, and funeral celebrant. When she sent this photo to us, we couldn’t help but smile. The photo is taken in her friend … Read more

The flowers at the pedestrian button.

The flowers at the pedestrian lights

We have a floral tribute in my community, firmly attached by rounds and rounds of sticky tape to the pedestrian button at the traffic lights. It started with a public note attached. The flowers are a metre or two down the street from a pole with A4 posters, one advertising … Read more

Is the place I want to be cared for the place where I want to die?

Dr Katrin Gerber

The work of Dr Katrin Gerber has caught our eye. This is because whenever the question comes up about where someone wants to die, it can be hard to gauge accurately, and Katrin has studied it intensely. As a kindly volunteer, sitting with palliative care patients, I remember being struck … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in the end of life space.

Suggesting artificial intelligence (AI) be used in the end of life space, might make the heart race, or cause you to recoil in horror. Do we really want artificial intelligence in there? A tweet by Dying2Learn about this triggered frightening images: praying mantis like robots leaning in to ask Mrs … Read more

‘Capturing kindness’ through funeral photography.

Photo by John Slaytor, the funeral photographer._DSC6374

As Good Grief! roams, peeping in quiet corners, delving into resources from country to country and looking at new and old ways of doing death, this one has popped up, right on our doorstep, only a suburb away. John Slaytor is a funeral photographer. Yes, that’s right. While he’s also … Read more

John Brogden shares chicken soup with Simon Marnie.

John Brogden, Chair of Lifeline.

We have settled into the rhythm of Covid-19 – we have dealt with the massive death toll, watched the social destruction it has caused, particularly in the USA, seen the cracks it causes to social cohesion in other places and we now brace ourselves for the real economic fallout, now … Read more

The Swedish model again.

Dr Raina MacIntyre, Kirby Institute, UNSW.

Hmmm, the Swedish model again. A fascinating report by Lisa Millar on this week’s ABC Foreign Correspondent, talked about the Swedish model for managing Covid-19. Her report looked at the latest phase of its evolution. Sweden has taken a liberal attitude to social restrictions because of Covid-19. To see Lisa’s … Read more

The work of Leaf and Twig.


Catherine Arcolio, the artist-poet behind this American project focuses on images from nature in her extraordinarily beautiful patch – her back yard in country North America. Her work resonates with the mission of Good Grief! because her eye catching photos capture not just the power of beauty, but the fragility … Read more

I did it my way

My Way (Charity Single) By Margaret Mackie & Jamie Lee Morley

The favourite expression of some Anglican friends is: “the best is yet to come.” They’re referring to life after death, and it’s a very comforting thought. But for 83-year-old Scottish Margaret this has turned out to be true before then, right at the end of life, while she lives in … Read more

Burials Without Hugs – Our 2020 Moment

The Covid-19 crisis had its biggest consequences for these two most important rituals, the wedding and the funeral. “During the service I never pose people or use flash photography. Discrete candid photography allows me to capture the sombre mode of family embracing, children deep in thought, and friends crofting the … Read more

You can check out any time you like but …

We’re linking you through to a report from California

We’re linking you through to a news report from California which reveals frustration and anger over the way nursing homes were managed there through the Covid-19 crisis. In its June 28 report “As Coronavirus raged through nursing homes, inspectors found nothing wrong”, The Los Angeles Times claims the main problem … Read more