Thank you for joining us at the North Sydney Community Centre.

At the NSCC Sept 1 - 5 - photo courtesy Kellie Cooper-Smith
Photo courtesy Kellie Cooper-Smith

Thank you for joining us in North Sydney at the Community Centre yesterday morning for our Understand Death Better Q&A session. You were a great group.

And a special shoutout to Michelle Worthley, Director of the centre, who was such an enthusiastic host – and to Camelia Tobia of North Sydney Council who made it possible. We’re very lucky when we have people working in our communities who are as supportive and engaging as you both are – especially when it comes to helping people with this tricky and user-unfriendly subject.

You all asked such interesting questions – again, such as “How do I overcome the fear of dying?’

We could have spent the whole session talking about each question. But here are some articles that we hope will help.

But here are a few articles to help you with that fear question.

If they don’t get back in touch and we’ll dig out some more.

Again, thank you for joining us in North Sydney

North Sydney Community Centre has so many interesting programs – you’ll never be lonely there and you’ll always be learning. Check out all it has to offer at:

2 thoughts on “Thank you for joining us at the North Sydney Community Centre.”

  1. Thank you for being so generous with sharing your knowledge. Thanks also to Michelle and Camelia for making this possible.

  2. Such an informative session. Thank you Margaret and to Michelle and staff of North Sydney community center.


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