Major and terminal illness such as cancer

Petrea King talks about “Beyond cancer: creating a healing environment”.

Photo of Petrea King by Ben Dearnley

The grief journey is often about hope, or rekindling it – the crucial ‘other’ component. When someone receives a diagnosis of a terminal illness they have to make a lot of adjustments, including adapting to the radical change to their dreams about the life they were going to have. Adjusting … Read more

Jill Emberson’s legacy – Pink Meets Teal.

Jill Emberson's Pink Meets Teal legacy features in the Australian Womens Weekly, February issue

Jill Emberson’s crusade for better funding for Ovarian Cancer continues. See the article about Jill’s campaign and legacy: When Pink Meets Teal, by Genevieve Gannon, P 60, in the Australian Women’s Weekly issue, February. To support Pink Meets Teal, go to: To sign a petition for equity in Ovarian … Read more

Watch this space – A Good Fight.

Jill Emberson and Malia Emberson-Lafoa'i courtesy Brent Wilson, Australian Story

In a few minutes an episode of ABC’s Australian Story about a friend who is very dear to me will go to air. The story – The Good Fight – is about Jill Emberson an ABC radio personality from Newcastle. Jill is an old school friend of mine who was … Read more

Jill faces down death in her podcast Still Jill.

How do you do what Australia’s ABC radio announcer Jill Emberson is doing and live knowing you will die? No, no, no – I don’t mean how do you live with that terrible truth in the background, that we all have to face. I mean how do you live knowing … Read more