Covid-19 grief

What has collective grief taught Harriet Price?

Woollahra councillor Harriet Price answers the question "what has grief taught you?"

This article was updated on 7 March, 2023. It discusses collective grief and Covid-19. One of the good things to come out of the collective grief from the Covid-19 crisis is the realisation of the value of our local community. Yes it’s marvellous that before this, because of technology, we … Read more

What has grief taught Susan Marcuccio?

Susan Marcuccio

This article has been updated on August 4, 2022. Often people come to professional grief work in response to the death of someone they love. But in a strange and horrible reversal of that, Susan Marcuccio’s experience has been the reverse. After establishing a reputation for her work in chaplaincy, … Read more

Our grief responses are okay – even the little ones.

The OK's of Covid-19, by the Healing Patch,

This article was updated on 27 July, 2022. It’s close to two and a half years since the World Health Organisation declared a global pandemic and grief is still hitting us and loved ones are still dying. The latest Australian Covid statistics from the ABC are here. We have gone … Read more

Melbourne study confirms intense suffering for families of those dying in nursing homes during Covid-19

Melbourne study confirms extra suffering for families of those dying in nursing homes during Covid-19 - Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash

The families of those dying in residential aged care experienced intense levels of stress and suffering because of Covid-19 lockdowns, research from Melbourne confirms. While the research acknowledges something reported all over the world, the authors believe it is the first Australian qualitative study of the issues. Dr Paul Yates … Read more

The little losses that make up 2020.

Parties, when we welcomed strangers

Photos of a big party at our house, celebrating my daughter’s 21st.  She stands, smiling broadly as she listens to the speeches, all manner of people unknown to me crowding around her. So different. What is it? And then it hits. Hard. These are pre-Covid days when we welcomed strangers … Read more

Burials Without Hugs – Our 2020 Moment

The Covid-19 crisis had its biggest consequences for these two most important rituals, the wedding and the funeral. “During the service I never pose people or use flash photography. Discrete candid photography allows me to capture the sombre mode of family embracing, children deep in thought, and friends crofting the … Read more

How Funerals are changing.

How funerals are changing

“The limit on the number of guests allowed at funerals is the latest COVID-19 restriction to be eased in NSW,” Jenny Noyes reported in Sydney Morning Herald  yesterday, (June 14). From July 1, indoor venues will no longer be limited to 50 patrons but for funerals, the changes will come into … Read more

Holding on to the spiritual death, despite Covid-19.

"God is Always creating," Barb Carter said.

By yesterday (April 20) Anglicare’s Newmarch House, in Sydney’s western suburbs, had reported two deaths and 41 infections with Covid-19. This follows six deaths at the Dorothy Henderson aged care facility in Sydney’s Macquarie Park, after infections there last month. No nursing home wants to repeat that experience. So this … Read more

Better technology use during Covid is life changing

Gianpiero Petriglieri's insight - tweeted on April 4.

This article was updated on Friday, June 3, 2022. Human communication takes a battering when we have to rely on technology to say hello to friends and family or run a meeting. Technology use during covid can be more tiring, as psychiatrist Gianpiero Petriglieri explained very clearly in a recent … Read more

A reader’s suggestion.

Matthew and his late wife Jenni

This week we shared the story of Matthew with subscribers to the Good Grief! newsletter. (To reach it, go to: The story explains how Matthew was counting on his social connections to overcome his grief. But that opportunity is now denied him because of the social distancing and stay … Read more

Compassion at the end of life in Covid-19 times.

Palliative care specialist MICHAEL BARBATO writes and teaches about how to bring love and kindness to the dying. Here are his thoughts on the challenges to this goal with Covid-19. He also has a terrific recommendation to read, Rachel Coghlan’s piece on “small but potent acts of compassion.” See the … Read more

Grief in the time of Covid-19

We mustn’t forget the others, like Matthew Updated 13.2.22 In 2020 we interviewed Matthew for our Good Grief! newsletter. The story of his grief journey is still pertinent. But we’re pleased to report, he identifies himself as having experienced post-grief growth since we first spoke to him. To see that … Read more

Northern Italy’s painful lessons. What can we learn?

New York Times - photographer Fabio Bucciarelli

We understand if you need to say goodbye to Good Grief! for a while, to protect your emotional well-being and mental health. No offence will be taken if you disconnect. It’s important to experience the positive and the beautiful in the light of what is happening throughout the world and … Read more

Funerals in Australia are now restricted to only 10 people.

Funerals in Australia are now restricted to only ten people. We will explore how to navigate this at

As we all come to terms with these difficult Covid-19 times, and the restriction on funerals to only 10 people, Good Grief! will provide information to help navigate what this restriction means.

Good Grief! – what times we live in – but we’re here to support.

A Plague Column in The Czech Republic, photo by Margaret Rice

As we settle in to the new normal, Good Grief! is here to support. Good Grief! will ponder these strange Covid-19 times with you, talking about those topics which are relevant to our mission. You will find the facts we present reassuring. The discussion will look unblinkingly at mortality and … Read more