What has collective grief taught Harriet Price?

Woollahra councillor Harriet Price answers the question "what has grief taught you?"

This article was updated on 7 March, 2023. It discusses collective grief and Covid-19. One of the good things to come out of the collective grief from the Covid-19 crisis is the realisation of the value of our local community. Yes it’s marvellous that before this, because of technology, we … Read more

It’s a moment for a shout out, a ‘thank you!’

A shout out and thank you to 'Bank of IDEAS'.

I’m creating workshops on death and dying, so Carol Arrowsmith and Kate Mason at Sydney’s Bayside Council invited me to spend last Friday at Peter Kenyon’s brilliant ‘Bank of IDEAS’ workshop. It’s a community-focused approach to mixing great ideas with existing resources to unleash enormous potential. So inspiring.   Peter’s quote … Read more

What grief can teach us now, from the neighbourhood

Our neighbourhoods are full of people with wisdom to share, especially on the subject of grief. We can all learn from them, especially now with Covid-19. Here is Robin Low’s story and word of wisdom. I grew up in a gorgeous family, with lots of support. But it was an … Read more