Covid-19 funerals

Burials Without Hugs – Our 2020 Moment

The Covid-19 crisis had its biggest consequences for these two most important rituals, the wedding and the funeral. “During the service I never pose people or use flash photography. Discrete candid photography allows me to capture the sombre mode of family embracing, children deep in thought, and friends crofting the … Read more

How Funerals are changing.

How funerals are changing

“The limit on the number of guests allowed at funerals is the latest COVID-19 restriction to be eased in NSW,” Jenny Noyes reported in Sydney Morning Herald  yesterday, (June 14). From July 1, indoor venues will no longer be limited to 50 patrons but for funerals, the changes will come into … Read more

To live or not to live – Covid-19 and the elderly

As Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced an ‘early mark’ for Australians on social distancing restrictions from Saturday 2 May, 2020, because of our success in controlling Covid-19, the spotlight stays on the continuing sources of outbreaks – including aged care facilities. Scrutiny will ensure we don’t have a sudden … Read more

Funerals now.

A suburban Sydney funeral with no procession of mourners

Tough stories of fragmented mourning in Australia, due to Covid-19, have been shared with us this week. People are improvising in response. A small group in one case used Facetime to share an important graveside moment, even though they wouldn’t normally. Another family have embalmed the deceased in the hope … Read more

Northern Italy’s painful lessons. What can we learn?

New York Times - photographer Fabio Bucciarelli

We understand if you need to say goodbye to Good Grief! for a while, to protect your emotional well-being and mental health. No offence will be taken if you disconnect. It’s important to experience the positive and the beautiful in the light of what is happening throughout the world and … Read more

Adapting the funeral starts now.

Funerals in Australia will now be restricted to 10 people

People are challenging funeral homes to be allowed to have bigger funerals than 10 people, amid warnings that this is dangerous, said Carly Dalton, Funeral Director of Melbourne’s Greenhaven Funerals and President of the Association of Independent Funeral Professionals. “We urge people not to ask for this and for funeral … Read more