Newmarch House

To live or not to live – Covid-19 and the elderly

As Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced an ‘early mark’ for Australians on social distancing restrictions from Saturday 2 May, 2020, because of our success in controlling Covid-19, the spotlight stays on the continuing sources of outbreaks – including aged care facilities. Scrutiny will ensure we don’t have a sudden … Read more

Let’s move them out.

Channel Nine News, Sunday May 3.

Over the weekend Ann Fahey, 76, a resident who twice before had tested negative to it, died of Covid-19. She was the fourteenth person to die at Newmarch House, where by Sunday night, 23 residents and 26 staff had tested positive to the virus. On Sunday, Jodi McKay Leader of … Read more

We need answers about Newmarch House – some from governments.

Newmarch House

We need lots and lots of answers about how it is that Newmarch House is expected to house so many patients sick with Covid-19, along with many who are not yet infected – and why worried families of residents report they have had so little communication. By last night, April … Read more