The little losses that make up 2020.

Photos of a big party at our house, celebrating my daughter’s 21st.  She stands, smiling broadly as she listens to the speeches, all manner of people unknown to me crowding around her.

So different. What is it?

And then it hits. Hard. These are pre-Covid days when we welcomed strangers into our homes, joyously thanking those who’d travelled long distances.

An opportunity to learn about the lives of others, people from different worlds.

But this way of interacting, of being human has gone for now.

Second waves, outbreaks, devastation where it had not been before and the Worldometer tally of 13,026,973.

With this the sad realisation: this is the new normal. Our world has changed forever.

Adjustments have to be made. We will learn new ways to celebrate, to connect.

And we will look back wistfully at an earlier, more innocent time.

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