We love this photo of Kathryn.

Kathryn Breusch at her friend Fran's coffin library
Kathryn Breusch at her friend Fran’s coffin library

We love this photo of Kathryn Breusch – and not just because of the book she’s holding. Kathryn is a death doula, holistic funeral director with Picaluna Funerals, and funeral celebrant.

When she sent this photo to us, we couldn’t help but smile.

The photo is taken in her friend Fran’s garden and as you can see, she’s committed to opening up how we feel about the difficult subject of death. But Kathryn shows how we can bring sunshine and joy to this complex aspect of life, in a way that doesn’t undermine but celebrates the solemnity and gravity of the subject.

“They say, ‘knowledge is power’,” Kathryn said.

“As in the birth of a baby we can also empower ourselves to prepare the way for this other important sacred rite of passage, our death.”

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