How was palliative care left out of this?

This article was updated 3 August, 2022.

Palliative care advocates, this one’s for you, as a new palliative care community of practice has been announced by NSW Health. And what’s better, they are calling for participants for their palliative care community of practice. This is incredibly important work as Covid and palliative care go hand in hand but sadly are often not addressed. And Good Grief! are interested in elevating voices calling to action to change this failure to adequately address palliative care during Covid.

It is still timely to reproduce Avril Jackson’s plea, from her LinkedIn page from the beginning of the pandemic.

Avril is the information officer for the European Association of Palliative Care – and Europe is a Covid-19 hotspot.

Apart from showing the World Health Organisation needs more education about palliative care, especially during Covid-19, it also illustrates that palliative care can be overlooked, even in the most obvious settings and even at the highest levels.

Here is Avril’s posting.

PALLIATIVE CARE ADVOCATES – WE NEED YOUR HELP A message from Claire Morris WHPCA and Irene Pettus IAHPC .

The EU is developing a resolution on the Covid-19 response and it currently includes no reference to palliative care. Governments are negotiating the language now. This resolution will be discussed at the virtual World Health Assembly on May 18th 2020.

Please contact your Ministry of Health and request the addition of palliative care language. We have prepared a letter for you to download, adapt and send to your main contact at the Ministry of Health here:

It would also be useful if you send the adapted letter to your country mission in Geneva. For a link to contact details at the mission please contact or

If you have any questions please contact Claire Morris or Katherine Pettus. hashtag#palliativecare

For more on NSW Health’s call out for palliative care participants in the palliative care community of practice visit here.

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