Advance directives need only be short

More questions than ever about advance care directives.


This article on advance care directives has been updated on August 5, 2022. Advance care directives are evolving – and there’s so much more to know beyond the usual questions of “Do I need to have an advanced care directive?” and “Who needs to know about it?” For example how … Read more

“We’ve been going about this the wrong way,” he says.

"We've been going about this the wrong way," End-of-Life-Essentials

Thank you to Deb Rawlings and the End-of-Life-Essentials team for sharing this. It’s a perfect video to wrap up our current bracket of advance care directive discussions. By reading this, you’ll understand just how different the scenarios can be in end of life planning – and the factors that need … Read more

UK insight into Covid-19 ICU

The Critical Care Unit - Health and Care Videos

So what sort of end of life decisions might need to be made if you suffering from Covid-19? Like advance care planning with other diseases, you are stepping through a series of “If, then”s. Here’s  information from the UK’s Royal College of Physicians about what happens in Covid-19 critical care. … Read more

Your Covid-19 team wants to know what you want.

Prepare For Your Care

We’ve found a good, practical, user-friendly resource that can help you with advance care planning if you become ill with Covid-19. The following message comes from, the US, one of the busiest countries dealing with Covid-19. Thank you very much to Colorado Care Planning at who helped us track … Read more

Why CPR is often not compatible with a quiet death.

Death in the Sickroom by Edvard Munch

I’m going to show you contrasting end of life sick beds. I’m hoping these images will help you think about your end-of-life moment more realistically. The painting Death in the Sickroom, by Edvard Munch has the level of gravitas many of us imagine at our deathbeds. Everyone is very passive, … Read more

You only die once campaign starts

Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Margaret Rice talk about a good death. and Joe hildebrand talk about a good death

Updated 4 March, 2022. We’ve just had a wonderful chat with the team from ELDAC about end of life planning. They’ve asked us to remind readers to sign up to their ELDAC newsletter, which we urge you to do – (as long as you sign up to our Good Grief! … Read more

My advance care directive is only short

Sheila Kitzinger's book A Passion For Birth is still available

My advance care directive is only short. I don’t want to say too much, be too specific and I’ve been very deliberate about this. Today I popped it up, sorting to the top of my list of computer folders. Of course I hope it won’t be needed for many years. But … Read more