More questions than ever about advance care directives.

This article on advance care directives has been updated on August 5, 2022.

Advance care directives are evolving – and there’s so much more to know beyond the usual questions of “Do I need to have an advanced care directive?” and “Who needs to know about it?”

For example how does my advance planning work in the pandemic and beyond?

But first things first. The main question is: Are the people who could benefit most from them, thinking about them?

Here at Good Grief! we think the most important step is to take the first step!

This Canadian video is really good to help with that, no matter who you are or where you are.

But these days, the question “Who would speak for me if I couldn’t?” prompts another one: “Who speaks for us if we are Covid-19 positive, whatever environment we are in?”

Have you experienced this situation with a loved one? We would love to hear your answers and learn from your experience.

In Australia, help and support with advance care planning is being provided by the End of Life Direction for Aged Care (ELDAC) initiative. For more on that, go to:

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