Grief in young people and children

The Surviving Siblings Podcast by Maya Roffler.

Five of the Rice siblings - before Julian (left) died - for Maya Roffler's Surviving Siblings podcast

After Maya Roffler’s brother was killed in 2016 she decided to develop The Surviving Siblings podcast to support siblings. “I realized after losing him in 2016 to a homicide and struggling for years after that there is little to no support for surviving siblings,” Maya says. Since then she has … Read more

Feel The Magic

Feel The Magic is a charity started by James Thomas to help to support young people aged 7-17 dealing with the loss of a parent, sibling or legal guardian.

This article was update on 12 October, 2022. It features Feel the Magic an organisation by John and Kristy Thomas. Every now and then we meet or hear of someone working in the grief space, with an idea that is truly magical. Feel the Magic by John and Kristy Thomas, … Read more

Living with Grief – Christian’s story.

Christian Rice lives with the grief of the loss of his father Julian - 4

This is an edited version of a talk delivered on September 10, 2022, to the Calvary Bereavement Counselling Service ‘Living with Grief’ seminar. It also appears in the Good Grief! September newsletter. I waved my nephew Christian off recently, as he drove back to his home in Tamworth, in country … Read more

Good Grief and Daily Mail on helping children cope with the Queen’s death.

Grief expert shares exactly what to say to explain the Queen's death to young children - and why being direct is key

It was great to chat with The Daily Mail Australia’s Bridie Pearson-Jones about how to help child cope with their feelings over Queen Elizabeth II’s death. A few key points: It’s important to be honest. Say “She died.” Use simple but concrete language. For example, when explaining what die means, … Read more

Play School helps with stories about beginnings and endings.

Play School: Beginnings and Endings - courtesy Play School ABC

This morning Play School did something very special. It had an episode about new life and end of life. Emma, one of the presenters explained to an earlier television news audience that the team sought the guidance of experts on managing grief in children. Children deal with death in a … Read more

When the grief of a child is denied.

Why did Dad leave without saying goodbye?

Sadly, until recently children were often excluded from funerals, something we recognise today as harmful. Christine was only seven when her father died and she will never forget it.  But one emotion that loomed large for a long time after was anger – not because Fred had died but because … Read more

Helping children deal with the Christchurch attacks.

Helping children deal with the Christchurch attacks - Photo by Faseeh Fawaz on Unsplash.

Today, like most of the world, I’m thinking about Christchurch in New Zealand where 49 people died because of an act of horrible violence.  It’s a beautiful city and I’m determined to hold on to recent memories of all that is good about it: great people, wonderful walks, innovative architecture … Read more

The Grief of a Child

“Children can experience grief and loss from a very young age. Like adults, children have their own ways of grieving. It is important to recognise that your child has feelings of grief and to help them express those feelings.” “Children are curious, so be prepared for regular and repeated questions. … Read more