The Grief of a Child

IMG_8664“Children can experience grief and loss from a very young age. Like adults, children have their own ways of grieving. It is important to recognise that your child has feelings of grief and to help them express those feelings.”

“Children are curious, so be prepared for regular and repeated questions. Be clear and honest with your responses.”

“Don’t pretend that you are not sad – express your feelings to your child. This can help your child feel able to express their own feelings.”

These ideas come from a great resource to help manage the grief of a child.

Another great resource out of Victoria is from Road Trauma Support Services Victoria that help to support children and teens or young adults who have been affected by road trauma.

Need further help? Kids Helpline have great information on how to support a child through grief.

2 thoughts on “The Grief of a Child”

  1. My two boys lost their grandfather
    1 yr ago. He was amazing, active and an inspiring part of their lives.
    Took an interest in their lives and the lives of others.
    They were extremely close.
    He saw them weekly – sleep overs, activities together, he played music to them.
    He was such a talented muso.
    We all miss him very dearly.
    Plus the recent passing of my aunty in Jan.
    2020-2O21, 3 family members passed 2 very close too them.

    My younger 10 year-old son’s behaviour has escalated a lot.
    They have lived through so much grief.
    Our family being unwell, my dad battling lymphoma, my mum’s strokes.
    I wish there was a camp they could go on, oo bring some happiness back into their lives.

    They haven’t had any formal counselling on grief yet.


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