I am experiencing grief. Managing or working with someone who is grieving.

Good Grief and Daily Mail on helping children cope with the Queen’s death.

Grief expert shares exactly what to say to explain the Queen's death to young children - and why being direct is key

It was great to chat with The Daily Mail Australia’s Bridie Pearson-Jones about how to help child cope with their feelings over Queen Elizabeth II’s death. A few key points: It’s important to be honest. Say “She died.” Use simple but concrete language. For example, when explaining what die means, … Read more

Death etiquette in the age of Instagram.

Eight ways to follow proper 'death etiquette' in the age of Instagram - Body + Soul.

Recently my article on death etiquette in the age of Instagram appeared in Australia’s Body and Soul. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to share ideas in that forum. Thank you to the team at Body and Soul for running it – and valuing the topic of ‘death etiquette’. I … Read more