Death etiquette in the age of Instagram.

Recently my article on death etiquette in the age of Instagram appeared in Australia’s Body and Soul. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to share ideas in that forum.

Thank you to the team at Body and Soul for running it – and valuing the topic of ‘death etiquette’.

I identified eight points – the biggest goof-ups to avoid on social media and the good ways social media can be used so we can help people grieving.

“Here are eight tips on how to navigate funeral etiquette in the age of Instagram – some touch directly on social media while others are non-digital points that will help you strike the right balance. These are all guided by one overall principle: lead with your heart not your device.”

To read the full story, follow this link.

Eight ways to follow proper 'death etiquette' in the age of Instagram - Body + Soul.

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