The Surviving Siblings Podcast by Maya Roffler.

Five of the Rice siblings - before Julian (left) died - for Maya Roffler's Surviving Siblings podcast
Five of the Rice siblings – not long before Julian (left) died.

After Maya Roffler’s brother was killed in 2016 she decided to develop The Surviving Siblings podcast to support siblings.

“I realized after losing him in 2016 to a homicide and struggling for years after that there is little to no support for surviving siblings,” Maya says.

Since then she has developed a whole series on the subject, which you can find at:

Maya Roffler's Surviving Siblings Podcast
Maya Roffler’s Surviving Siblings Podcast

I’m interviewed in her episode on October 26, 2022. To listen, go to:

Maya’s catalogued our chat into subjects for easier listening.

  • Intro [00:00:00] Margaret and Julian’s story
  • [00:02:05] The “Grief Bubble”
  • [00:13:39] How the grief bubble affected Margaret’s journey
  • [00:16:41] Coming out of the grief bubble
  • [00:25:16] Wanting accountability
  • [00:36:07] Navigating relationships after the loss of Julian
  • 00:48:06] How Good Grief! was born
  • [00:57:02] Advice for Surviving Siblings.

This is my favourite comment from our chat, about supporting others who are grieving: “Do the checking in you would ordinarily have done and maybe a little more. You don’t have to overdo it… people are frightened that there’ll be a huge need there and the person who’s grieving will latch onto them because they’ve been the one who knocked on the door…

“But I don’t think that happens. People have this powerful need for human connection in that moment. And then after that they do let go. The person is not going to suddenly develop this desperate need to have you around all the time.

“Usually they’re really comforted by the fact that somebody randomly in their circle was just prepared to pierce their grief and isolation for what need only be a small moment.”

For full episode show notes and transcript, click here.


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