The Grieve Project

The Grieve Project is great because everyone who participates is a winner.

When your reader connects with something you’ve said, something powerful is shared.

But the best thing is, even if no-one else ever sees it, when we write about our grief, it’s easier to understand.

When we write our griefs out, we’re forced to frame them, since every  idea expressed in writing has a beginning, a middle and an end. Those writings can be really big or they  can be really small. Think: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”, by Ernest Hemingway.

Six words only,  but a thousand volts.

And once we can shape the words then we can decide whether to hold them or let them go. And once the ‘ifs’ of letting go are decided, then we can decide on the ‘when’.

Sandra Moon interviewed Karen Crofts, Director of the Hunter Writers Centre, about The Grieve Project in Writing Grief Heals.

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