The Grief Kaleidoscope

A book by Su-Rose McIntyre

Su-Rose  says:

“I began my grief journey eight years ago with the unexpected death of my only child and son, Carl – a beautiful young man, loved by many. His loss left me feeling bereft and fearful about what lay ahead…No day was ever the same. One thing became very clear to me, grief kept changing its form. It was kaleidoscopic in nature, unpredictably variable. During my reflections, metaphors came to me often. I wanted to share many of these – hard-won as they were.

“It could be used as a grief self-help book, as well as a resource for grief and loss counsellors to stimulate discussion and raise grief themes to assist struggling clients. “

Su-Rose’s book is published by Morning Star Publishing. 

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For a shorter read on Su-Rose’s journey by Heather Wiseman see When Death Leaves Love Nowhere to Land.

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  1. Su-Rose McIntyre has a grief support Facebook page . It has gentle tips to assist with the grief journey. Just google ‘ Grief Growth Circles ‘ to locate.


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