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The five stages of grief are a furphy.

The group starts gathering at the 10am Understand Death Better session, August 3, Hunters Hill

Yes, that’s right, the five stages of grief are a furphy. Even the person who’s first credited with thinking up this idea has said so. And yet the idea of five stages of grief has taken hold of the popular imagination so effectively that it’s one of the most popular … Read more

Join us when Good Grief! goes to Hunters Hill.

Hunters Hill, photo courtesy Stanton, Hillier Parker.

I spent yesterday introducing Good Grief! to the Hunters Hill community in Sydney as we prepare for the next Understand Death Better Q&A session, on August 3. Hunters Hill is a picturesque suburb of Sydney, one of the earliest areas settled on the stunning harbour, with strong French influences, golden … Read more

Join us for an ‘Understand Death Better’ Q&A session at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre.

Understand Death Better - Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre, May 22, 2023.

Join us at Kirribilli for Understand Death Better. It’s not an easy topic – that’s why we always provide a cup of tea afterwards. But understanding a few basic points, and getting directions about accessing the resources you need will make life a lot easier going forward. Research shows that … Read more

My contribution to National Palliative Care Week.

My contribution to Palliative Care Week

I was thrilled last night to be able to deliver an important talk, during Australia’s National Palliative Care Week, asking why we allow pain management at death to be so badly handled in our culture. The coincidence that I delivered my talk during this week was important to me. Eighty-five … Read more