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Covid-19 – fact-check and myth busting: surfaces

Wash your hands - but not your device

Lots of stories have swilled around the stratosphere and swirled through social media. Are they true? We’ve checked the sources of the following, Last week we heard reports the virus can last up to 72 hours on a surface. This has been tested by American scientists and turns out to … Read more

Australia’s mortality low but hospitals face shortage of protective equipment.

Australians now limited to gatherings of two

Current mortality figures in Australia are still relatively low.  This means Australia hasn’t yet hit enormous pressure on beds, intensive care units and ventilators. To see how and why these are needed, go to: https://good-grief.com.au/an-intensive-care-specialists-insight/ Good Grief! can confirm, that this reflects the anecdotal evidence of some of our specialist … Read more