Australia’s mortality low but hospitals face shortage of protective equipment.

Current mortality figures in Australia are still relatively low.  This means Australia hasn’t yet hit enormous pressure on beds, intensive care units and ventilators. To see how and why these are needed, go to:

Good Grief! can confirm, that this reflects the anecdotal evidence of some of our specialist nurse contacts who have reported that shifts were cancelled and there are still only one or two Covid-19 patients in some large hospital’s intensive care units. This will change. And in one smaller, regional centre, the two Covid-19 cases hospitalised there means that all the hospital’s ventilators are now in use.

The biggest problem reported from Australian hospitals right now, is that stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE) have reached critically low levels.

Hospital, nursing and medical staff are arguing for better access, transparency about stock and clear protocols around delivery to all staff, including on weekends.

As Australian leaders further restrict our reasons for going out – the sacrifice of our liberties to control Covid-19 is showing up in some good news – it appears Australia is flattening the curve, this is because of the small dip in the speed of growth in new infections, especially community to community spread.

To see the Australian statistics, go to:

NSW still has the largest number of cases.

But at the local level, what is happening in your community right now? This is more relevant to you than the national data.

If you live in NSW, to see this, go to:

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