Covid-19 – fact-check and myth busting: surfaces

Lots of stories have swilled around the stratosphere and swirled through social media. Are they true? We’ve checked the sources of the following,

Last week we heard reports the virus can last up to 72 hours on a surface. This has been tested by American scientists and turns out to be valid. This emphasises the importance of hand washing. For this go to:

Since this shows the virus can linger on surfaces, that includes your device.

But where the advice for hands is to use soap and water, the advice for devices is don’t let water any where near it.

Wash your hands – but not your device!

Alec of MyPC reports the following:
“It is also very important to keep your equipment clean, do NOT use any water to clean a computer or its peripherals. i.e.  mouse, keyboard etc. 

Please check out the links below for some helpful ways to do that correctly. 

Apple instructions for cleaning your iPhone

How to clean the keyboard of your computer

More from Apple on “how to clean”

And remember, when you check out information, the facts can be reassuring. You won’t get Covid-19 just because you’re old and if you do there’s every reason to believe you’ll survive.

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