Burial in a shroud – no coffin.

An example of a shroud and trundle on the Gathered Here website

I’ve attached a great article from the Canadian newspaper, Edmonton Journal, which shows the growing acceptance of shrouds with no coffin burials, even among traditionalists. It says the Anglican church in Alberta is recognising the environmental concerns of its congregation, something that is catching on everywhere. My cover photo, which … Read more

Green-pod burials solve many problems

The green-pod burial solves many problems

Green-pod burials solve many problems. They’re good for the environment and they’re a gentle, practical and beautiful way to return to the earth. So they would work even for the most traditional of people. “I’ve completely changed my plans about how I’m going to be buried,” announced my friend Kim at … Read more

Conversation with Jenny Briscoe-Hough about death

Jenny Briscoe-Hough - courtesy Conversations ABC

When Jenny Briscoe-Hough brought back the idea to her Port Kembla community centre of starting their own not-for-profit funeral service, the idea resonated.She’d wondered whether the loyal stalwarts who attended the centre, seeking support and succour, would be offended. But she was overwhelmed by the way they embraced it. “I … Read more