Conversation with Jenny Briscoe-Hough about death

When Jenny Briscoe-Hough brought back the idea to her Port Kembla community centre of starting their own not-for-profit funeral service, the idea resonated.She’d wondered whether the loyal stalwarts who attended the centre, seeking support and succour, would be offended. But she was overwhelmed by the way they embraced it.

“I want us to bury me!” an enthusiastic old client said.

And at that point Jenny realised her idea – of cutting out layers of the funeral industry, making burials cheaper and directly connecting the process and rituals of burial to the people she served – would be a winner.

In an inspirational interview with Richard Fidler on ABC’s Conversations  – Bringing the dead back home – Jenny shares what happened next. To listen, click this link.

Thank you Katie Delaney for alerting me to this.

For more on Tender Funerals from Good Grief! take a peek here and for an in-depth look at Jenny’s contribution to culture and society you must read this fascinating piece from The Guardian.

Photo credit: Jenny Briscoe-Hough image courtesy of Conversations ABC

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