Stephen lives on

Painted in Waterlogue

This week my friend Ellen’s deceased brother’s second grandchild was born.

“When Stephen’s first grandchild was born – who even has my brother’s name – I had a strong awareness that Stephen was continuing, that in a physical sense he was still with us because of this new baby.

“But with the birth of his little brother, the feeling was different, and it was almost overwhelming. It was as if this little person was not just the physical expression of Stephen but there was something of his soul present as well. I felt the connection to Stephen even more strongly than the first time.’

What a great stepping stone to look at epigenetics and inherited family charcteristics. Mark Wolynn, author of It Didn’t Start With You,  talks about the story that led him to write the book on unexplained symptoms, fears, anxieties thoughts, inherited from our parents and grandparents.

If you are interested in exploring the aspects of the soul and its influence on life start here with Deepak Chopra. 

Discover more of his teachings with this slightly longer clip of eight minutes-Do We Reincarnate?

Episode Six of Netflix’s Surviving Death explores reincarnation and Sandra Moon recommend’s you Suspend Disbelief and watch it.

Recounting a past life sounds crazy to most, right? Even Oprah agrees, but she met with Dr. Brian Weiss, a previous past life sceptic, and interviewed him on the Patient Who Made Him Believe in Past Lives.

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